Doxtro – Launching the whatsapp to talk to your Doctors

Finally an app that lets you ditch appointment booking and gets you instant real-time consultations with doctors 24 x 7

Ever heard of an Online Doctor? It’s a term that emerged during the 2000s, used by both the media and academics, to describe a generation of physicians and health practitioners who deliver healthcare, including drug prescription, over the internet.

The Problem Areas

One of the most prevalent problems that people in India are facing in healthcare services is the lack of access to it. Though this is not seen much in in urban areas, if we drive towards the outskirts of most metro cities, we will find it hard to find any significant medical help at bay. Diagnosis and treatment is just not accessible to hundreds of millions of Indians.

Even today, people living in remote areas do not have access to the specialized doctors, due to which they have to travel a great distance to access those basic health requirements.

Moreover, most neglect their health for several days as they don’t have enough time to book an appointment and go to see their doctor. The city traffic doesn’t help either.

Even doctors are trying their best to manage life and work and try to ensure that they could give as much time to their patients as they can. However, the number of patients visiting clinics is inconsistent, thus leaving them with ample amount of time with less productive work.

This brought about the realization that if doctors were not confined to just their geographical boundaries of practice, they could help more patients. Doctors needed to grow their outreach to patients across the country, by interacting with them.

Mobile consultations made easy for Doctors

Doxtro (  is passionate about helping doctors deliver better patient care and is making it easier for them to connect with patients who would most require their services at a particular time.

Doctors are empowered with access to critical patient information anytime, anywhere so that they can make better decisions for patients. Doctors not only get thanked by those whom they help out but also get recommended by their peers. This gave them more scope to increase their popularity in the online community as well as in the medical fraternity.

In a nutshell

Doctors need not make the extra efforts to reach their patients anymore. Your patients will reach you during your flexible hours. Doxtro offers a fast, easy, and friendly way for patients to gain access to general practitioners and health specialists enabling them to better use their time and increasing their earnings as well.

Here’s what Doxtro offers to Doctors –

  • Real-time consultation: Connect with patients on your mobile. Give them consultation whenever you’re available or even on-the-go. Patients can get them in touch with a doctor online, without the need to book appointments.
  • Practice without borders: Doctors can talk to patients without geographical constraints. Doctors can now reach to thousands of patients everywhere.
  • Expand your practice: Doctors can answer patient queries and issue e-prescriptions from the Doxtro Doctor app while keeping track of old prescriptions and health conditions on the app itself.
  • Save time, save money: Doctors no longer need to make patients wait in queues while they juggle between the demands of their life and work. Doctors can better use of their time and increase their earnings by taking up extra consultations during flexible hours. Read about Indian Startups.
Sai Chaitanya

About The Author Sai Chaitanya

Sai Chaitanya is a young graduate from IIT Chennai with experience in futuristic technologies like augmented and virtual reality, image processing and computer vision. He aims to apply his knowledge and experience to revolutionize healthcare. He is the Chief Technology Officer of Doxtro, an online database of highly trained medical experts and doctors in India, easily accessed by patients anywhere. It enables doctors to provide instant and hassle-free consultations to patients anytime, anywhere.

Doxtro – Launching the whatsapp to talk to your Doctors
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