What Does Donald Trumps victory mean for Indian Entrepreneurs?


Donald Trump’s impact on entrepreneurship

USA is geared up for presidential elections on NOV 8th, the day when the world will witness change in American leadership. Poll prediction shows advantage to  Hillary Clinton but the margin is considerably being narrowed down by her rival Donald Trump. Some predictions shows that he is having edge over Hillary in key states which can change the poll outcome.

Donald Trump is talking about building wall around America and start deporting illegal immigrants from the day he takes oath as American president. Most of the world believes him to be a racist. India accounts to majority of Immigrants to America with around 4,50,000 labelled as illegal immigrants.

While from one side current president Barack Obama is talking about giving Visas to Indian entrepreneurs who raise capital from US venture capitalists,contrary to this Trump is taking about deportations and No Visas.

What does it mean to startup ecosystem and entrepreneurs?

In the current globalized world, entrepreneurs are not setting any geographic barriers and building products and services that are solving majority of worlds problems and Developed countries like USA, UK, Australia and Europe have become a prime target considering the individual paying capacity, adaptability and acceptance of new innovations.
Report says that Immigrant founders started 52 percent of all new Silicon Valley companies between 1995 and 2005. Many famous american entrepreneurs like Vinod Khosla, Elon Musk are not from America. Indian Americans are CEO’s of top American companies like Sundar Pichai, CEO – Google, Satya Nadella, CEO – Microsoft , Shantanu Narayen, CEO – Adobe Systems, Rajeev Suri, CEO – Nokia, Ajay Singh Banga, CEO – MasterCard and many more Indian CEOs.
Donald Trump will be disastrous not just to America but the entire world. Economist are predicting the worst outcomes if Trump become president. De globalization is a trouble sign for already battling world economy. Entrepreneurs have a made huge contribution to American economy and many Indians still have a American dream and aim to have their company in silicon valley. If trump comes to power all these Immigrant dreams will be shattered and the worst impact will be seen in America but not the respective countries.

Dear Mr.Trump in Sanskrit we have a saying “Vinasha kale viparith buddhi” which means that when one’s doom approaches, then one’s mind, one’s intelligence works perversely. One may know how to dodge the bullet; but all one’s wisdom becomes ineffective. One becomes like a moth attracted to the flame, unable to reverse course, even when one knows better.
The same will be the scenario if America Chooses you.

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