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This startup believes that every healthcare institute should promote themselves through all channels

We are the Brand

Docni, a service based company is an application platform launched in 2015. They do not own a website, instead they aim in developing applications and websites for their clients which includes doctors, clinics and hospitals too. The first application was developed and  launched by them in September 2015. The development is made on the brand named Docni.

Every Problem has a Solution

Based on the research model and challenges faced by many hospitals, they identified that one bug was yet to be fixed. It was nothing but the predominant apps that books appointments doesn’t hold the hospital’s name and the details of in and out-patients. In simple words, they have all the hospitals hosted on one single application. Being kusakhi as the core company Docni provides a solution by creating an application to the hospitals thereby keeping up the brand name.

A Connecting Chain Always

The service is exclusively for the hospitals which has routine visitors like pregnant women who consults the same doctor throughout. Thereby establishing a connection between the doctors and their existing patients, which other companies does not do and helps out only in finding the hospitals. Through the app you can not only book an appointment but also check for the doctor’s availability even the before night.

Revenue Model and Funding 

Docni doesn’t charge even a penny for developing the android and IOS apps and gains revenue through the appointments made via the app on an agreement of one year. A bootstrapped one and planning to raise funds in the upcoming years.

History behind the Birth and its Co-founders

Satish Sawra, Co-founder

Docni is a team of five including Satish and Subhash as cofounders. Satish Sawra has twelve years of work experience in IT field and stared up with the technology company around four years back. Later he came into contact with Subhash Mandal at the work place. Subhash, in his earlier days faced problems in consulting a doctor for his wife and thus came up with a solution Docni along with Satish. Post discussion with doctors and higher authorities of hospitals made them research deep in 3-4 months on market needs. Subhash too has 12 years of experience and is planning to quit his current organization to work with Docni. Satish takes care of development part whereas Subhash deals with operations.

Subash Mandal, co-founder

Going Different towards Victory

Docni differs from others in providing a solution to the clients that helps them out in understand and analyze a problem. One such example is that MaxVision hospitals showcases how a cataract operation takes place which gives the patients an idea of how it works through animation technology.

Successful Path Ahead

Through Docni there are around 7 hospitals who have their own hospital apps. Currently around 7 apps are live in IOS while few are under process and is expected to be live very soon. Max vision, Shrikara, Yashoda, Prasad, IKR etc. are few clients of Docni. In the near future, Docni is planning or register itself as a separate entity.

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