Different types of investors you will find for your startup

Investment or funding has become a vital part of startup survival and with rise in startup ecosystem many people are donning the role of angel investors. In my startup life I have seen many kinds of Investors and worked with few. Let us see what kind of startup investors you get to see.

The Gentle
This guy is professional and does all his ground work before investing in a startup. By profession he will be a serial investor.

The Motivator
This kind of guys are real motivators and they do not want you to go down and do every bit to boost you.

The Mentor
The most important person for a startup, This guy will be an entrepreneur himself and understand what a startup needs apart from money. He guides, Teaches and Motivates you to lead the company.

First Time Investor
He is a first time investor but behaves as if he knows everything about startup ecosystem. He talk more so that you do not discount him on knowledge.

The Legionnaire
This guy always feels like a Demi God and believes that you will not survive without his money. He says “face the wrath if you do not listen to me.”

The Realtor
He made money in real estate and does not have any idea on startups. He talks about black money and always wears 1kg gold on his monumental body.

Salim Feku
This guy is a real con master and only fakes about money,wealth and investments, but in reality he will be noting more than a salim feku.

The Dictator
This guy acts like a hitler and dictates every direction of company and often kills the startup unknowingly.

The sharks
The sharks are people who look for opportunity to get you startup equity for least money and after investment they will end up discussing daily about how much money they are making.

The Richie Poor 
He says that he daily eats money as breakfast. This guys comes in Benz or BMW but actually has no money for petrol. He looks for free ride in your startup and often seeks free equity for his showoff.

The Braggart
He is like “All hat and no cattle”. This guy love self dabba and never was successful entrepreneur. He talk so much about his life and adventures that you start seeing him in dreams. Believe me, he will invest money if you praise him daily.

The Women Lover
This flirty guy loves to invest in women lead startups and will be more keen in women than business. I think you understand what I mean.

The Astrologer
This guy is strong believer of astrology and often wants to change Vaastu, Brand Name or Your Name instead of changing business model to make it successful. He will definitely check your kundali before investing in your company.

I have seen at least 50% of them so far I am sure you would have seen at least few of  them in your startup life too. Do comment and let us which kind of investor you have seen.

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Different types of investors you will find for your startup
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