DhobiLite integrates technology with cleaning services


Dhobilite provides laundry, dry-cleaning, car cleaning and shoe cleaning services in and around your city

Ever wondered if you can get your laundry done sitting at the comfort of your home or have you just delayed getting your laundry done as you din’t find time? Then DhobiLite is the right platform for you to get your services done at a nominal cost. India has witnessed an explosive growth in eCommerce space over the past few years but pure eCommerce they are not very successful in laundry sector therefore, the hybrid model is the best way to go in India. So, online has a lot of scope in terms of reachability and offline laundry is doing great business currently.So, the two platforms when brought together will be a win-win situation. DhobiLite provides an end to end cleaning solutions and technology to bring professionalism in the services.

Initial Challenges of DhobiLite

DhobiLite started in Noida and it was catering to one sector only at that time, now they are serving entire Gurgaon Noida, Greater Noida and Indirapuram. Initially they theyre unsure about how the market would respond and if the customer was not satisfied with the value of services that it is providing then it’s difficult to penetrate the market and there are just too many small processes that are involved in an order life-cycle. And when you are dealing with blue collar employees it becomes impossible to handle all those processes

They believed that Technology, experience and perseverance these they are the key mantras when they started to tackle the initial challenges. It is a fact that until and unless you dive into the water you can’t learn how to swim therefore, through experience in handling different situations they are now able to handle all challenges. In fact each complaint / issue / road blocker for us was learning and a use case for our process model.

The Eureka Moment

Nishant and Abhishek they are casually discussing about the pain points in service industry. Previously they had some bad experiences with services of some companies, so they felt that people put lot of efforts on giving “user experience” on their site or apps front ends  but never care for actual “user experience” (the core service) in real world. As they already had expertise in solving the “Service” related problems and laundry being such a big “unorganized” industry they need to give it a shot to enter into this industry.

Why Are They Different?

Firstly, they are working on building up an ecosystem for laundry services and it is good for us if there are more and more such service providers. They are building solution for such providers using which, they can function in an organized manner. The second reason is that even if they add up all such providers they all are not even catering 1% of the potential market, so there is a huge scope of growth.  They have a perfect blend of Very strong domain expertise as they know laundry in and out, deep understanding of ecommerce, strong technology experience. Using these they are providing an end to end solution for customer and vendors to provide an unmatched experience and very strong control over the processes. They focus on quality and can make laundry easier both for customers and vendors. They have expertise in laundry, technology and e-commerce, so they can do it better than anybody else.

Future Plans

Currently they are a bootstrapped startup and they are able to breakeven fast. They invested money in infrastructure, operations, marketing and technology in equal proportions. As they have already breakeven and are stable, they are looking forward to raise money for growth and expansion. After successfully launching services in Gurgaon they plan to expand in other markets as they will. As of now they have set our sight on Bangalore where they plan to start operations by the end of year. They also plan to penetrate more in the markets where they are currently operating.  As of now DhobiLite provides laundry, dry-cleaning, car cleaning and shoe cleaning services. They are striving to add more and more cleaning services under the gambit of DhobiLite so that DhobiLite becomes one stop solution for all cleaning needs. Read more Startup Stories.

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