STARTUP – A search engine to get online coupons of various brands is a promotional website that offers free deals to online shoppers. It offers coupon codes and promotional deals for many websites such as Oyo, Shoppers Stop,, FabFurnish,,, Flipkart, KFC, and their likes. They have tie-ups with many big players in the online retail industry.

The question is how does a startup like that focuses only on coupon codes taste success?

Who is

The online segment in India is a booming industry. In the past few years, the eCommerce market has seen tremendous response from shoppers not just in the commercial capitals, but also within the semi-urban cities and sleepy towns of India. The online coupon segment has a following of about 13.5% online customers and the online retail industry is expected to grow at the rate of 62.9% per month.

It is during this period in July 2013 came in with pure online promotional coupons for almost all major online retail players. They made sure their visitors could avail coupons from their website. The site was accessible via the web, smartphones, tablets as well as social media websites thereby connecting retail sellers with potential users at every possible digital touch point. offers the best deals in different categories such as fashion, travel, furniture, groceries, books, software, gifts, food, online taxis, etc. You name it and they have a coupon for you. Their sole aim is to provide the best deals and different platforms to the buyer from the comfort of their devices.

How does make a difference for an online shopper?

Every customer welcomes a good deal. And if you add a special discount to their final bill, they make sure to pay a visit to your website again. This is how made a difference for millions of users. They offer attractive discount coupons that make it a win-win situation for both the online retailer as well as their online customers.

The deals and coupons offered at are structured such that the customer gets maximum benefit and savings. This, in turn, leads to more sales for online retailers by maximizing their repeat customers. The mission of is to help all those who love online shopping, save some extra money.

So what makes a different proposition?

Unlike other coupon sites in India, has a better user interface (UI) and analytics engine. It is very easy to find your favorite deals and coupons on They have a structured category list of online stores that makes it easy for any user to find the deals they need. The analytics driven coupons search engine works in real time, structuring the best deals post data crunching.

This makes the shopping experience for any consumer happy, hassle-free and satisfying.

Whose brainchild is

Mr. Surender Rao, Mr. Sai Pola and Mr. Sridhar Rao created They are sharp businesspersons with their vision have crafted a robust coupons search engine to cater to millions of online shoppers in India save money.

Mr. Pola, the company’s spokesperson, has vast experience with online trading. He has worked with multiple Indian as well as International organizations. He uses this experience to bring in the forefront of coupon websites. The company’s backbone is Mr. Sai Charan Reddy who is the affiliate manager with an experience of more than 6 and a half years in affiliate marketing, AdWords, search engine optimizations as well as other aspects of digital marketing.

How does raise funds?

The company raised 1 million dollars. A quarter part of the funding is pumped into the company for its operational needs. The rest of the funds will be utilized in phases.

The current traction scenario is one of the major online deals and coupons websites in India. It has over 200 online stores listed as its partners. Since its launch, over 2 million plus consumers visits the page regularly for massive deals and coupons. Till date, the number of deals redeemed is about 10, 56,895 and coupons used are around 10,000.

The challenges and opportunities ahead

The online coupon and deal business model is relatively new in India. The entire business model is still in its infancy stage and the market size is estimated to be less than 2% of the eCommerce market. Thus, has to try different tricks in the book and find out of the box ideas to trickle its concept in the minds of an average online shopper.

This challenge also turns into an opportunity as it can expand its user base manifold. The eCommerce market is around INR 500 billion. If they pull the right strings, they can capitalize on the digital coupon market once the concept becomes a norm than a mere online shopping trend.

Plans ahead is currently a team of 30 people who are working tirelessly to bring the best deals and coupons to their users. The team validates and updates all the deals and coupons every single day.

Their tagline ‘Never shop without a coupon’ aims to deliver the best deals and coupons to every site visitor.

“The shopping fiesta begins once the consumer is lead to the shopping website from with deals and coupons that they cannot miss. The sole aim of is to make their consumers aware of different ways to save money and carry out maximum shopping without feeling a pinch in their wallet”, says the company founder Sai Pola. Read more about Indian Startups. – A search engine to get online coupons of various brands
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