CloneMe to 3D print real life objects

Capturing pictures through cameras even though age old by now, gets the same response from people taking photos. From the days of the huge camera setup with a black cloth and eye blinding flash to today’s selfies with cell phones, capturing memories and moments forever with a click has always been the craze. What if it is taken another step forward! What if we can capture the moment not on a piece of paper or on a screen of a phone, but as real objects that we can hold in our hands! Yes, it’s possible. Using the innovative technology of 3d printing, CloneMe promises real life miniatures of you which are life like.

The creators of CloneMe

The founders of CloneMe are Siddharth Rathod, CEO who is an electronics and communications engineer, from M. S. Ramaiah Institute of Technology, Bangalore. He also possesses a Masters in Innovation and Entrepreneurship from The University of Manchester, UK and Dr. Kamlesh Kothari, Head of Strategy & Planning at CloneMe. Dr. Kamlesh is an oral and maxillofacial surgeon with an experience of over 16 years in the field of facial plastic surgery and Dental Implantology. He is also the clinical director of Aesthetica – Dental Implant and Facial Cosmetic Surgery Clinics. The other members of the core team include Raj, COO, Sony Raphael, Head Designer and Tarunjeet Rattan, Head PR-Nucleus.

To save lives, to help design, to manufacture and yes, to turn dreams into reality!

CloneMe provides real life miniatures or prototypes of people, buildings, objects and the list is inexhaustible. It helps create prosthetics, and body parts using CT scans thus enabling doctors to analyze and experiment on the prototype to understand how the organ will react to the surgeries. Be it the complex and micro size artery walls of the heart or the nerve centers of the brain, the complicated surgeries can be made fool proof by pre testing and avoiding unexpectable situations in the operating theatre. Coming to the architectural field, CloneMe develops 3d buildings directly from design softwares to help the client understand with ease and convey ideas in physical form. The one thing that CloneMe made possible was to take the 3d printing technology closer to the masses and not just the industry players. By creating miniature 3d selfies, converting 2d to 3d and turning people into disney and marvel characters, CloneMe hit the right notes to foray into the consumer market. With gifting options like card holders, fridge magnets and 3d captured memories, CloneMe is sure to reach its respective audience.

Cloning is the way of the future!

At affordable prices starting at 1500 rupees, the options are varied. With over 1700 customers and saving 2 lives through its medical printing, CloneMe has 12 corporates such as BBC, HP, Cognizant, CCD and microlabs. They provide a whole range of corporate gifting options opening a new avenue to profit from. Read more about Indian Startups.

CloneMe to 3D print real life objects
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