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Cityflo is a Mumbai based startup especially designed for office commuters in Mumbai. According to their website, Cityflo brings you the commute to work you deserve.It is an IIT alumni urban transportation startup focused on solving the daily commute problem using technology and data.

The busiest city in India, Mumbai needs a hassle free transportation all day around. While there are many modus operandi in this old city of India, Cityflo’s different approach for traveling within the city is commendable. There had to be a way to cut short the long and expensive rides in the city. And the way was – Cityflo. This team started with 10 routes across Mumbai in 2015. And now they offer more than 14 routes. If you visit their siteyou will find all the information on existing and upcoming routes. There is also detailed information on the bus stops along the specific route.

The core team of Cityflo is a six member squad – Ankit Agrawal, Advaith Vishwanath, Jerin Venad, Rushabh Shah, Sankalp Kelshikar and Subhash Sundaravadivelu.

Here is what Rushabh had to say, when we fired questions  at him.

1. Tell us About Your startup, your partners and what made you to start it?

We came together and founded Cityflo to revolutionize the daily commute experience for us Mumbaikars. The options available today are either uncomfortable and tiring or too expensive. This is what we aspire to change – we provide an economical and comfortable commute option to office-goers.

2. Introduction about you and your partners?

Ours is a 6 member IIT alumni founder team – Jerin Venad (25), Subhash Sundaravadivelu (24), Rushabh Shah (24), Ankit Agrawal (23), Advaith Vishwanath (23), Sankalp Kelshikar (24). We come from diverse backgrounds with experience in consulting, tech, operations and analytics.

3. How different is it from existing models(If any)? and How do you want to compete with them?

The urban transportation is a huge problem with multiple players trying to solve the problem. Cityflo targets the office-going population and is focused on the biggest chunk of the urban transport problem, which is peak hour traffic. Unlike other solutions in the market, this is designed specifically for daily commute, and this focus helps us serve daily commuters best.

4. What is the traction so far?

We started in September, 2015 with one route and five buses. There has been no turning back since then. In the last 6 months, we have grown to over 2500 daily commuters over 12 routes across the city. Our buses run at over 80% occupancy, and we’re in the process of increasing capacity on our existing routes and adding new routes as well.

5. What is your vision to scale your business?

At Cityflo, we’re designing the next generation urban mass transport system. Technology plays a major role in optimizing the asset utilization (which drives business) and designing the perfect customer experience.

We raised a seed round of funding from IDG Ventures in October last year.

6. Any other interesting information you would like to share with us.

Android App: Download.

Apple Store: Download Here.

Read More about Cityflow here.

So Mumbaikars get ready for a avant-garde commutation.

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