Chunnar – A Freelance Fashion Designer’s Drive Point


Taking fashion boutiques to a digital marketplace

Chunnar is an online platform which helps offline fashion studios and designers to sell their products. It not only sells their products but also promotes them. Promotion always boosts the revenue and in this way Chunnar is a boon for such offline studios that have great fashion quotient but lack proper publicity. They work on a commission based model.

Fashion is a way of expressing oneself. It is a mirror which reflects our customs, culture and traditions. So, there is humungous importance for trade and business in this arena. One startup which is trying to make its name shine with glitters is “Chunnar”. Chunnar tries to reach the paramount of success with their choices in branding the fashion.

Chunnar believes that a studio or a designer must be able to develop their brands and advertise it efficiently by providing their information such as name, website etc on the sellers page and also provide them with photographers for better images. As of now, Chunnar runs on the profits made from the website, and few investors are showing interest in this idea. Whenever a designer is ready to associate with Chunnar, it provides a photography team who would charge them the minimum amount. These photos are posted on the website with information such as designer name, contact info. Later, if the product is sold, their logistic partner will collect the product from the seller and sends it to the customer.

Behind the curtain

Team Chunnar

Chunnar’s core team consists of Shivam Gupta(21) Founder- A young and energetic engineer who completed his graduation from Vizag and worked as a marketing officer in Icomm for a year before this idea took birth. Sangita(50)-A fashionista who is an ardent follower of fashion from past 6 years, who believes that every person must be given an equal chance and opportunity to bring up their talent. Ashima Jeena(24)- A young and hardworking lady with convincing attitude.

One day Shivam’s mother who owns a fashion studio told him how she had to lose many customers because of e-commerce. He took his mother’s loss as a challenge and started an online website for selling the products and started garnering new customers. As an extension to this idea, he also added the products of other offline studios who cannot own a website and are not technically sound. This made Chunnar a successful online platform. Shivam also took help from his close friend Ashima who previously worked in customer support. She helped him by managing technical and managing part.

Chunnar aims to bring best out of every possible freelance designer and offline studio by providing them with a common platform where they can promote their brand. Since the inception, Chunnar made 27% growth in sales and are confident to capture major chunk in the market.

Freelancing has become a herculean way to make money and startups like Chunnar make it easier than before.

There are also multiple startups in the designer market place like Violetstreet, Glitstreet, Fabulyst 

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