Business Success with MindScope Solutions

What if a Divine Intervention could turnaround a Company or a StartUp from Sinking to Success?

Why is failure rate of Startups so high? The causes, the explanations and the excuses provided for the high failure rate of the Startups may be numerous, but it should be a matter of grave concern for everyone as a lot of precious time, effort, money, resources, and sleep is lost in this process.

At businesssolutions.fematta.com, we are in the field of providing business solutions and clearing business doubts for all those who approach us. We are able to pinpoint Business Opportunities and Obstacles well ahead of time through divine intervention of MindScope. Hundreds of individuals and businesses have achieved high growth and success after taking our unique MindScope solutions and guidance. We are very much aware of the various critical business questions, doubts, insecurities, fears etc., which arise during the course of business. We have also seen many talented youngsters who have started something close to their heart but were eventually unable to sustain it. This led us to research, ofcourse with a divine touch, on various top Startups in India for the year.

Future of top Startups

We came across an article in the Times of India site, listing top 17 Startups to watch out for in 2017 and did an analysis on the same using our unique MindScope method. The result showed that 3 companies could shut down shortly (one of them has already shutdown in 2018), 7 of them would go on for a while and eventually shutdown, 4 of them would go on slowly, while only 2-3 of them could achieve an average growth over the next five years. The other important point revealed by MindScope was that the very same companies which may shut down have a very good future with atleast 200% + growth if they consider MindScope Solutions from us.

Another article in SutraHR listed top 100 Startups for 2018. Again the results of MindScope Analysis are alarming as it indicates that close to 90 of these Startup companies have a bleak future and will vanish in the course of time. Another interesting research article on Startups we found was in the indianceo.in about top Startups for 2018 where MindScope reveals that hardly 5 of the 39 companies listed would be able to continue for a decent period with an average growth, while the rest would exit the business.

Why Startups fail? Is there a Solution?

With this fact of high failure rates of Startups on hand, combined with MindScope analysis throwing possibilities of converting the potentiality from being failed into a successful venture, we invite introspection by the existing as well as future prospective Startup ventures to avail the services of MindScope which could turn the table in favour of the respective Entrepreneur.

There are real cases where businesses which have taken our help had made a favourable turnaround possible. These ventures eventually saw their results becoming highly profitable which indicates that there is something much deeper than logic which operates for every business success. In our experience we have observed that businesses cannot be carried on by just scientific reasoning and/or technical permutation and combination. There is an invisible divine energy which guides at every step through subtle hints which, if one misses then they lose the whole life-time opportunity. Similarly, there are invisible distinctive elements that put hurdles and hindrances to block the achievements. It is here that businesssolutions.fematta.com can be of a great help for not only Startups but also to any existing Company aiming to achieve continued success, since we provide Business answers for all or any critical questions and business solutions in the form of remedies, all guided by MindScope.

It is needless to mention here that over the last three decades, Dr. N Rajgopal has changed the lives of several individuals, businessmen, business houses, politicians, film world personalities, etc., around the world cutting across the nationality, religion, faith, language, caste, creed or colour barriers.

Dr. N Rajgopal’s MindScope is a brilliant piece of gift to accurately pinpoint the unknown problems. Setting aside all theories, technicalities, scientific reasoning and umpteen numbers of business models, marketing strategies and business theories etc., MindScope traverses into unknown zones of detecting the root cause of problems through the photograph of the concerned person. MindScope does this through a divine process with the grace of immortal Himalayan Master, SadGuru Mahavatar Babaji. Once the problem is identified, the solution conceiving becomes specific which will be unique for that business house or the business head under consideration. Over a period of time you could see good results being achieved for your business.

Business Success with MindScope Solutions
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