Building a Market Place

Building a Marketplace? Check out these 3 growth resources!

Before starting work on my consultation startup, I read far and wide about marketplaces, and one thing is pretty clear: “Building a marketplace is tricky.”

From getting merchants on board to generating the initial sales, there is no dearth of challenges. To help those building a marketplace, I came up with the idea of sharing the best posts on the topic.

These growth blogs will help you gather initial know-how, share secret tips, and growth hacks. So, here are the 3 points that you must read if you are planning to launch a marketplace:

Marketplace growth guide 

Sharetribe is quite a popular platform for starting online business based on marketplace model but there is another thing it is really good at. And it’s creating helpful resources for its community of marketplace lovers.

Under Marketplace Academy, the team shares detailed guides to help entrepreneurs learn the complexities of scaling marketplaces. Here’s my favorite post from Sharetribe!

Supply and demand lessons 

The best wisdom comes from people who have been there and done that. This one comes from an entrepreneur building a marketplace for plumbers, cleaners, and handymen. The co-founder of Handy speaks about the importance of going out and talking about your brand with people who matter.

Read the complete post here to gain practical marketplace wisdom and growth lessons from the founder of a successful startup.

Marketplace data insights 

With QuikConsult, I’m trying to crack the formula of online consultation in India. While doing that, I came across unique marketplace insights and loves to share them through detailed blog posts. In this blog post published on, I spoke about the uphill task of building initial database of product or service providers. I highly recommend it for those just getting started with their marketplace dreams.

I haven’t yet hit gold with the marketplace model but from what I have achieved till now,  I decipher that being patient is crucial when you are making something that will touch thousands of lives. So, if you don’t have the patience and want things to happen as soon as you snap your fingers, just don’t bother.

Building a Marketplace? Check out these 3 growth resources!
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