BookMyStall is a unique platform for the Event managers, to sell stall space (Stalls) to public by connecting Event Managers and Stall buyers in a single platform. BookMyStal’ will be a Market Place for Stall Space.

By using this platform, any Event Manager can start selling Stall Space. And the Stall Buyer has to confirm with Event Manager before payment from his/her side. Book My Stall works as a facilitator only to pass information of events. Now Book my stall can serve to any brand or any company with stalls across 10 cities.

With the help IAMAI (Internet and Mobile Association of India), recently BMS launched their Technology development centre in Bangalore. Also, BMS’s mentor Flt. Lt. Col. Sridhar Chakravarthi guiding BMS to the future got Best Business plan Award from TEZ” The Entrepreneurship Zone “.

Idea behind the project

When asked about the idea Founder (Maruti Prasad) said that when two Years back (2014) when his sister came to Hyderabad with an idea to start her own saree design shop, it was really hard to find a shop and also working on Customers. In that situation, founder tried to help her in business Establishment. In this process, she attended an event to showcase her own saree Designs, which happened in their Gated community. So, many people from neighbour apartments also came to visit that Event and 80% of her designs got sold. And she got many pre-Orders. And surprisingly there is no channel or website to find Flea markets or Stalls from Events. And so many women’s like his sister, are looking to find Stall spaces in events. Then the idea came up. After a survey conducted by the team, they came to know that 90% of the industry is untapped. Rest 10 % caters 1100 crores market in the form of stall Rentals only. This idea made founder to come up with a platform like BookMyStall.

Team behind BookMyStall

Maruti Prasad told that they met co founder  Prem Mohan Talluri  in a Social Activity “Ugly Indians”. The moment Founder proposed this idea, Prem left his job (Digital marketing tech lead) and joined with BookMyStall.

Maruti –  He is the CEO and founder of BookMyStall. He has worked as a lecturer in (JNAFAU) Fine Arts University, Hyderabad.  He has done graduation in computers and also holds Masters Degree in Business Administration.

Prem Mohan – He is the Co-founder. He holds a B tech degree. He has 5 yrs experience as Digital Marketing Tech lead, and into Tech development.

Revenue, traction and growth

Every hour BookMyStall (BMS) is selling one stall now. As it is an aggregation platform, team never charges any cut in sales. Monthly subscription from Event Managers helps BMS to generate revenue. Till now 1000+ event Managers are boarded with BookMyStall and 8000+ stall buyers are listed. It is growing at a rate of 12% every month.


  • BMS offers free stalls for students and NGO’s who wants to open and try their new business.
  • It helps events to find sponsors for their events.
  • Main motto of the start-up is promoting Small Businesses with more opportunities. That’s the reason it has kept its tagline as “Chalo India, Kholo Dukaan.”

Modus operandi

The Business model follow multi-sided model, where it supports Event Managing and Stall buyers both.

  • Event Managers benefits from BMS by getting stall leads and Enquirers from the market.
  • On the other hand, Stall buyers get Exhibition notifications and free stall alerts.

Future plans

  • BMS is planning to launch mobile app in December.
  • BMS is also planning to make free stalls for students and early stage start-ups to showcase their businesses.
  • BMS plans to provide dedicated subsidiaries who register with various women clubs to support women Entrepreneurship.
  • If any investor comes forward, BMS is ready to use that opportunity to launch BookMyStall in 12 more cities. Read more Indian Startup Stories.
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