Bizbee automates business processes for cost reduction

Bizbee is a business process window automation solution that reduces the cost in carrying out common business processes while increasing transparency and better process control

Technology keeps advancing every day making life easier, and Bizbee is no less in that aspect. Bizbee is a start-up working on Software as a solution (SaaS) for common business processes and increasing transparency and better process control .Most of the available tools in the market are both time consuming and exorbitant. Users should undergo training to use these tools, customize them, and configure them which eats most of the time. Moreover those tools are expensive and ROI (Return on Investment) is less. READ TOP HR & MANAGEMENT FIRMS.

Bizbee Mantra(s)

  • SaaS and self-serviceable
  • Users should be able access the product within an hour of signing up.
  • Interface is made is self-understandable. Customers can use this service without any hassles.
  • Pricing is made appropriate to S-M-B.

How does it works

Customer has to identify the right workflows from a ready made suite, install them and configure suitable set of parameters for business environment. Alterations can be made by adding extra columns and link them into current or new process. Business application can be done in three steps. Firstly, creating a form using a builder followed by assigning work flow to tasks and lastly, setting permissions to view data and publish. A powerful “analytical backend engine” captures lot of metrics during daily operations and these metrics are used to provide crucial answers to business to make the process more effective. Each step in workflow has a timeline. Points are awarded to the users who complete work within timeline. User who wins will be awarded with badges, title which keeps the users always motivated and make them more competitive. Read why you should avoid wealth mismanagement.

Bizbee talks about their eureka moment

 It all started when we received a feedback from two of our outstanding team members who left the company due to the delay in processing their claims regarding overtime, travel expenditure and reimbursements. Though we were a technology company, but we were not following any of processes with timelines. HR/Finance complained that they couldn’t use tools in the market as they tedious, slow, ugly and expensive with very little ROI. This is game changing moment and I’ve decided to develop a tool to address the business process problems by bridging the gap between SaaS and mobile space.

After research I’ve noticed that there are not many tools for process automation that can help decision makers with statistical data to take the right step and right moment. I got 100% confirmation after discussions with various teams across my friends & ex-collegues companies. I come to know that similar issues exist in all departments – Sales, Marketing, Finance, Accounting, HR, Procurement and IT Service irrespective of industry.

I have decided to build the apps for business process and make it available to customers in finger tips with a click of button and making them up and running in matter of minutes. Induced the gamification into the system to encourage the users for efficiency and better insights for owners.

Bizbee Team

Sridhar Gudiseva, founder & CEO of the company. 37 year old entrepreneur, and father of a 6 year old kid. He has close to 20 years of industry experience in handling the customer relationships, product development, scaling, security and support. He claims to have in-depth knowledge and experience in building the product from zero lines of code to one that has effectively handled 3 billion transactions per day. He has also leaded and developed both in engineering teams and client-oriented custom projects, consumer based applications, and enterprise products, leading from front.

Two of his team members are 28 years of age with 6 years of experience in the development and they were part of his team in my earlier companies. The UI expert has about 5 years of experience. Three of my team members are freshers and have immense zeal to learn and develop world class applications. They are very proud of the team members as their energy and interest to address the problem with product is tremendous. This is the single most things made us to build the solution in record 3 months and got into the beta.

 Future plans

  • 1 Extending the app portfolio to 300 apps in next 2 quarters and reach out to customers in every industry
  • Deep dive integrations with other tools that enterprises use – sales force, CRM tools, Support tools, Slack, Virtual Meeting software
  • Building communication & collaborative channels supporting -, SMS single as well as group), CALL (single as well as group), Chat (single as well as group), Calendaring
  • Make Bizbee as an “Enterprise process control centre”, and all the users login to bizbee for work needs. Inbuilt &custom integrations will make the flow of information go smoothly with other tools
  • Marketplace and community centre making the companies and users build different process-apps on top of the framework and publish to community to use them
  • Integrating with other workflow designers. Read more Startup News.
Bizbee automates business processes for cost reduction
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