Bibox uses out of box methods to teach students

Bibox, or Brain in a Box, is an integrated learning program for students to teach them innovation and free thinking parallel to their school curriculum. Taking the help of a scientific approach, trained mentors and a one of its kind electronic kit, the program has been designed for 5th to 10th grade kids. Bibox provides kids with unlimited possibilities to build smart machines, robots and other real-world gadgets.

Bibox Labs is a meticulously planned curriculum that imbibes the pedagogic principles of 21st Century Learning. It teaches students to innovate and apply new solutions to everyday problems, and empower them with the necessary knowledge.

The bibox hardware consists of a one of a kind electronic brain, programmable wirelessly by a mobile application and multiple input and output accessories that can be seamlessly connected to it. This plug and play system is open and scalable, enabling users to ideate and create real-world projects like traffic lights, asthma detector, drip irrigation systems etc, to name just a few. Most of the projects kids do with bibox are their own innovation and are connected to real world issues and problems.


There were lot of challenges in the initial stage. To successfully convey the idea to students, bibox required mentors with an engineering background but at the same time passionate and understanding of the requirements of kids. Thus hiring was a challenge..

Schools were showing a little apprehension in the beginning but when the team took the prototypes to schools and requested for a demo among the students, they got an immense response from both the students and teachers. Slowly and steadily they built upon their credible customer base and now start-up has 80 plus schools in their kitty with almost all top schools in Bangalore having tied up with them.

It was quite difficult for the start-up to get people to believe hardware start-ups could be built in India and there were also aversions on the capability to deliver. Getting talent when you don’t have much money was also a huge challenge for them. Read latest news.

The Eureka moment

As Sandeep Senan progressed through his engineering and projects, he came to a point where he felt that he needs to enable kids to dream and execute their ideas. It was during an interaction with a batch of students that he began to think about how to get a 10 year old kid to convert an idea in to a working model without waiting to become a scientist or an engineer.

Bibox started as a toolkit that kids could use and then later became a full-fledged curriculum where kids are taken through a journey to become innovators to solve real-world problems in any field.


Sandeep Senan, Founder – He completed his B.E in Computer Science from Visveswaraya Technological University and an MBA (International Business) from Edith Covan University, Australia.

Madhusudan Namboodiri is the Chief Operating Officer and one of the founders of bibox. Madhusudan has rich experience of having worked for over 2 decades in designing and implementation of winning strategies, achieving sustained revenue growth, enhancing profitability and strong brand image positioning by adopting direct and channel sales program.

With a Bachelor’s degree in Arts from Delhi University and a sales diploma post that, Madhusudan’s vast experience across industries plays a key role in bringing bibox to Indian Schools.


In “Bibox Innovation Labs”, team provides with a unique learning program which goes far beyond a normal teaching methodology or even any of the robotics/STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Math) programs that prevails.

The program is for every child and brings out his/her strength through the program.  There are design, engineering, automation, communication, collaboration and real life prototyping happening in the school which is in a way putting a holistic approach to the classroom teaching. For example, the kids who have been exposed to creating a real time fountain are taught how to mix cement and the sand, plastering, plumbing, automation and programming resulting in a working musical fountain. These kind of experiments make bibox unique.

Start-up was seed funded by DST (Department of Science and Technology, GOI) and then the team raised around 6.5 Crores through various angel rounds to date.


Bibox has a holistic learning program for kids above 10 years (Class 5 and above) with a curriculum that teaches kids to identify and create their own solutions to problems around them. This is enabled using a one-of-its kind bibox kit which has an electronic brain, multiple output devices like motors and lights, various sensors and the connectors needed for even a 10 year old to create an innovative working model.

The process works on three main steps:

  • The kid is encouraged to identify a problem and think of an innovative solution to it.
  • Using the bibox kit, the programming software that it comes with and other readily available components, the kid creates the logic and the design, converting the idea into a working prototype.
  • Armed with a working prototype, the kid is now able to better grasp the theory or the science behind the project and relate it to his classroom studies.

Other than at school, bibox also enables kids and even adults with an interest in tinkering to conceptualize their ideas in the comfort of their homes using  the Bibox Tern retail kit, which is a plug and play version that comes loaded with ready to use components and simplified tutorials.


Bibox aims to reach 5 lakh students in next three years. Team wants to be the pioneer behind the new age experiential learning and the force that leads to a nation full of innovators. Team would be launching Bibox Tern, which kids as well as adults can explore and enjoy at home. Team wants to contribute their bit in shaping the next set of young innovators who will then shape the future of the planet. Read Startup News.

Bibox uses out of box methods to teach students
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