Bevy connects entrepreneurs to enhance their startup network

Bevy is an innovative start up networking app focused on minimizing the high start up failure rates by connecting the right people. The app created for the start up eco-system makes it easier for everyone involved in the start up world to connect with each other that helps out in creating new things and solve some major problems. Bevy creates a platform for the start ups and entrepreneurs so that they can easily get in touch with the right person in just a click.

Thought Process worked Thus

Though there were challenges and difficulties in their venture, this small, scrappy and  hardworking team’s vision expanded and landed on an interesting thought that that came up with the Eureka moment. Thoughts prevailed on what if we could stop start ups from failing by providing a new platform to share everything in the start up industry. And thus landed here on this platform.

Discussing situations often brings solutions

It is designed basically as a discussing platform for the entrepreneurs, investors or job seekers where you can meet your potential business person. Bevy-Everything is completely free of charge.

The Journey started here

This startup was founded in September 2016 by IIT Bombay alumni. Bevy team comprises of IITians who have been a part of several failed start ups and understand just how important it is for the entrepreneurs to interact and solve important problems. CEO Mukesh Naraniya, an IITB drop out has tried over more than 6 start ups in a very early stage of his career. Currently he is focusing on Bevy on a high scale to reach people and help them over with their innovative app.

The journey was started by three IITians MukeshNaraniya, Yashwant Nagar and Likhitsinghal  along with Pankaj Arora who had been involved in entrepreneurship from a very early stage in their careers. Bevy is funded at pre-seed stage, invested by their  partner Mr. Shiv Parekh, founder WorkLoft and Stanford Grad.


The core idea of the team is to minimize the high start up failure rates and come up with a new change along with an innovation in this today’s digital era. The team is a small but talented, driven and ambitious group. This team comprises of nine members.

Mukesh Naraniya [23]
CEO and Founder

Entrepreneur and also an IITian.

Likhit Singhal [22]
Co-Founder and CMO

Marketer and is from an IIT background, IIT Dhanbad.

Yashwant Nagar [21]
Co-founder and CDO

An IITian and also Designer of Bevy-Everything Start up.

Pankaj Arora [26]
Co-Founder and CTO
Technical team member , software engineer and an Android Developer.

Shiv Parekh [23]
Founder WorkLoft
Bevy‘s investor partner.

Devdeep Bag [26]
Marketer in Bevy and is interested in growth hacking for start ups.

Amit Kumar [23]
Software Developer in Bevy and has 2+ years industry experience.

Kaustubh Bhagwat [23]
Android Developer.

Zoha Naz [21]
PR and Marketer of Bevy.

Never far from Achieving

Within a short span of time, Bevy has got 800+ downloads on Google Play Store. They are on plans to introduce paid features in the upcoming days.

The Product and its working model

Bevy users are majorly categorized in 4 categories.

  • Entrepreneur
  • Mentors/investors
  • Job seekers
  • Service providers

It is a great place to meet a potential Co-founder, discuss and receive valuable inputs from a wide network of experienced professionals to help budding entrepreneurs. It’s also a great platform to find useful tools on marketing, business development, design, development and much more. Bevy helps  to contextualise the issues related during the growth in start ups in order to promote meaningful discussions.

Connect, Unite and Rule with Bevy

In the near future, Bevy plans to get tech-heavy in its approach. They are already in the process of building tools to affect ‘Product Market Fit’ and anticipates that, it will really be useful for the start up community. By creating meaningful engagements centred on problem solving and critical thinking, they hope to make a dent in the widely touted 90% failure that start ups exhibit, globally. Team Bevy believes in “Make the world a better place for the very people who are out to make the world a better place”. Website: Read more Startup Stories.

Bevy connects entrepreneurs to enhance their startup network
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