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Streetbonton believes that fashion in accessories is a must in every women

Streetbonton is based on the quote by Michael Kors – “Accesories are the exclamation point of women”

One of the key factors that we noticed about women these days is that they want to accessorize their attire but are often confused in that process. As a sentence is incomplete without the correct punctuation, so is a stylish look with just clothes and no accessories!

Founded in May 2016 by two young fashion stylists (Vishalika and Shreya),

Life’s greatest stories start out simple, ours was no different. “It all started all of a sudden. As best friends, after completing our fashion styling course from pearl academy, we started working at different fashion e-commerce companies. Soon came the realisation that we wanted to do something on our own and use styling in different ways. E-commerce is a boom these days and there was no such website which could change the perspective of styling an accessory by giving it a personal touch and it wasn’t much late before I realised that I had finally realised what I wanted to do! And With the help of my co-founder Vishalika, we created Streetbonton” says Shreya Sood ( Co-Founder- Streetbonton )

So far our two months journey has been great, we have collaborated with various fashion bloggers to showcase our fashion story and we have provided COD service all over India where we have been welcomed with over 2 lakhs and 2000+ orders in last 2 months.

 “Streetbonton offers a range of exclusive trend based high street fashion accessories for women at a very addictive price. Streetbonton is one accessory brand in India which provides fashion accessories as well as free styling tips & ideas to the customers to help them implement trends on a daily basis. Clothes aren’t enough to complete ones look. By combining accessories to ones look, not only does the person stands out amongst all but also makes sure that his/her presence is noticed. Streetbonton not only sell accessories but also give a personal touch by guiding their customers how to use it according to their personal style to enhance their look.”

Here, at Streetbonton, our main aim is to solve the core problem of styling an accessory which a whopping 80% of the women in India face. Who doesn’t want to look great? Some don’t have time, others the knowledge of implementation. Streetbonton is one stop for all your styling fixes!

Article is written by Streetbonton team

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