Bengaluru Metro all set to outset startup shops


Bengaluru is not only the capital city of a wonderful state Karnataka, but it is also the center of India’s high-tech industry. New and old industries here provide the best blend of growing technology. It provides huge scope for startups to mushroom. Bengaluru is also called the Silicon Valley of India. It is a major tech-hub of the country and attracts a lot of geeks from around for its booming startup culture. BMRC is also helping this statement to be proven right.

Bengaluru Metro Station will soon have startups spaces to business work. BMRC has made a historical decision to allow startups to open their shops at large metro stations of the city.  According to the latest news, BMRC will soon be floating tenders for inviting and providing space to startups at the metro stations. Soon, The Bengaluru Metro Rail Corporation would come out with tenders for startups seeking commercial leases at more than 30 metro stations in the city. This is a welcome step for budding businesses for promotion of their ideas and cause.  If we dive in further, it will also be a big platform for startups to raise funding.

The idea reportedly had been in the works for a while, but was put on the back-burner because of a modest number of footfalls at the stations that served a limited route. But with better connectivity of the metro in recent years, there are more opportunities for connectivity of business in the startup capital of India. Owing to low ridership in the beginning, the plan had taken a backseat, but with the new stations opened recently, the metro officials have come out with the idea of staging startups at the stations to utilize the whole area properly. According Metro Rail News, Government in Karnataka is promoting startups to such an extent that spaces at metro station will soon be rented to budding entrepreneurs for their ventures. Bengaluru’s metro service is still under construction and only recently a small patch of 4.8 km underground was made open to the public for transportation.

It has been reported that the MG road metro station can house 50-80 stalls and shops in an approximate 850 square meter area. The startups can be anything, ranging from electronics, cosmetics to food joints and coffee shops. The startups housed here will cater to the riders at these stations or around the stations. These will help the riders to get their daily fix without the hassles of travelling to far off areas, considering the traffic in Bengaluru is hectic. BMRC aims to make it easy for the commuters to buy the necessary things from metro stations.

A statement from Bengaluru Metro Rail Corporation read, “Some of the stations have ample spaces that can be allowed to given to start-ups for for commercial activities. Earlier, they wouldn’t have got good rentals because of insufficient footfall but now investors or mentors of these start-ups are keener about it. This is for a purely commercial purpose wherein the investors are examining the feasibility of their projects and are the decision makers of whether to go ahead with or not.”

We are thankful to BMRC for this sublime locomote.
Congrats Namma Bengaluru!!

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Narayana

    June 14, 2016 at 1:56 pm

    Great idea!
    ‘You need to go where your Customers are”-this works perfect for Users in Bengaluru.It is the ideal place for most of the start-ups as the ecosystem there provides:
    Work-Play-live atmosphere,
    people with High-disposable income,
    Corp orates & above all
    Access to Silicon valley….

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