AuthBase the Super Heroes of CyberSecurity !

AuthBase is deep tech cyber security startup that provides security frameworks for developers to test their applications. They monitor for vulnerabilities in applications on web and mobile and use machine learning to identify and mitigate bots and hacks in real time. The team is currently part of T-Hub and supports fellow startups right from threat modelling to Ransomwear and technical mentoring. They started their journey at TiE-Mentorshop pitching their idea to being part of T-Hub incubated by NASSCOM, Everyday they discover and find better ways of improving and adding modules to their product.

“what started as an novel idea of detection has now grown into a complete vulnerability management system” says the team when asked about their journey till date.

AuthBase Eureka Moment from the team

We had quite a few ideas, from providing a hardened server as service to live mitigation, to understand its need and to validate the idea and we tested the market with our services model, interactions with startups and enterprises clearly showed us the need for it but we also realized that there is a gap in understanding and well as developing applications with security concepts. Threat modelling, secure by design concepts were missing in our ecosystem. Applications were building without validation or sanitisation and shortcuts taken in development process to make certain functionalities available which left the application broken if upgraded. Today 7 out of 10 startups are building applications on vulnerable stack knowingly or unknowingly the statistics are alarming. Time and care taken for building the UI is not given towards securing the application. As research we did a passive scan to check how far this is true with larger enterprises and found the same, from matrimony sites to eCommerce many lacked the basic security, privacy statements were just that statements.

There was clearly a need, hacks and bots cause havoc, theft, loss of revenue and a lot more, but there was also a larger problem to solve we dint wanna just put a band-aid on top, so we build VF3, A complete vulnerability management system to test and monitor applications for vulnerabilities, exploits, etc, Then came our live mitigation feature that can detect and block bots hacks thefts frauds crawlers scrubbers and protect genuine users.

You are Hired!

AuthBase started with a team of two, today the team size is 10 plus 4 advisors and growing. Their developers love challenges and the business team loves to sell as they know the pain point that they are addressing. It takes great courage to call yourself a super heroes but this start is redefining the ways of security measures that need to be taken. In fact their hiring process is kind of interesting. They put up vulnerability on their landing page and a message in the source saying “if u can get in you are hired” this is how they hire.


Core Team of AuthBase Comprises Architects to Ethical Hackers Experts all deeply passionate about security and all having made mark in hall of fame of security and recognized by organizations like Microsoft for their contribution to Technologies and Microsoft MVP awardees.

I have been associated and part of so many technologies all my life it had to be either enhancing systems or Hardening them we are doing them both here, exposure to technology at a very early age helped me understand new technologies and paradigms, everything i have done all my life has been adding up to this moment.

– Umesh Thota, MS, MVP, SA, EH.

We are very passionate about what we do here and we carry the same passion when we meet the customers we provide a lot more as support to customers along with our applications to help them 

– Jeet Singh MBA, MVP.

Its an adventure seeing what you have written take form what i am learning and doing here is cutting edge its amazing to be exposed to so many technology stacks.

 – Abhishek Sharma IIIT Intern. [EH]


Started generating revenues from services model right from day one and used that money to build a product. Gave them enough time in terms of research testing and development. They say that their customers are the investors  and scaling would have been tough if we were still in services model.  They have moved to the full products based company along with flagship products they have an arsenal of tools and managed services to help developers build better faster and secure.  Read Startup News.


“Apart from the whole bunch of IPs and research papers we are to publish, When we started building our vulnerability management system as a precursor to our live mitigation feature we realized we can help change the startup ecosystem we also started acquiring enterprise clients we needed a fair and affordable system for both so we did what AWS/Azure do, the effort based SaaS subscription model that converts time taken to test the application into price, we monitor it all thru the month and test for vulnerabilities whenever a change is detected. the smaller the application smaller the time taken to scan this made our system affordable to startups and enterprise alike with no need for variable pricing and a synergy maintained between us and our customers.”

AuthBase the Super Heroes of CyberSecurity !
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