Auditaker – An app for digital auditing

Auditing is now a Digitized Application

Today, the retail sector in India is emerging as one of the largest sectors in the economy. It is expected to grow more registering a Compound Annual Growth Rate of 9.7% by 2020. Tracking the customer’s experience and the uniform operations manually across the globe was a tough task with the enormous increase in retail industry prior the launch of “Auditaker” application. The main purpose is to standardize the operations and alignment of the process with the retailer’s orderly requirements to make the best use of the retailer’s brand value.

Only the Name was Easy

Auditaker is a (B2B) Business-to-Business application, where the business tactics lies in understanding the retailer’s performance and representing in terms of a questionnaire. A close working relationship is yet to be established with the market leaders and documenting the entire set of operations is under progress.

The Eureka Movement

Raghuraj Singh, Founder of Audittaker, during his visit to a shopping mall noticed four men carrying notebooks to note down the comments while inspection. Though the technology has improved a lot, Raghuraj found that there was no right application available and proposed the idea of automation.

Team behind Auditaker:

Forming the core team was just a cake-walk for Raghuraj as they were all mutual friends. Meetings were held with team members to promote the idea and make them understand the uniqueness of this application and thus the journey began.
The core team is a heterogeneous mixture of highly energetic youth and experienced persons.

Raghuraj Singh

Raghuraj Singh – a serial entrepreneur ,also Chief Executive Officer for four startups.

Kiran Kumar – solution Architect.

Rekha Manjunath – an experienced agile practitioner .

Madhan Dontha – a JEE developer and lead programmer.

Yeshwant – a Tester / Java coder. Active on social media.

Rekha and Kiran –  Works from their residential place.

Growth for this Startup:

It took two-third of a year to develop the application completely which met with lot of expenditure. The work is now in a finishing stage and has given them a good learning exposure. Very soon it is expected to see good revenue.

This application is available in both web and mobile devices. A browser is required to download and install the mobile application. It is master-data driven and highly configured. Users too can configure to meet the business needs.

Application supports two revenue models.

  • One-time payment for an On-premise installation.
  • Cloud based model, a post-paid scheme.

The core team is expected to approach and meet the investors with the readily available application for funding.

Diving into the working of Auditaker

Auditaker is a SAAS solution that helps retailers in conducting audit on mobile or web based application. It is specially designed to work for any retail outlet. Initially, the administrator representing the client creates virtual Stores/Sites of an organization. Audit questionnaires and the corresponding marks’ weightage are fed to the system based on the organizational needs. Auditors are assigned to each store.

An Auditor conducts the audit using the mobile app which displays the questionnaire. He then allots marks in terms of rating scale such as: Very good, Good, Average, Poor and Very Poor to the corresponding question based on the observations. There is also a provision to add remarks and attach the photograph as a proof. Audit results submitted follow the pre–set flow wherein the result is mailed automatically to the stakeholders. Analytics provided by software helps to track performance of particular store/site over a period of time. It helps in monitoring,

  • Store Atmosphere
  • Safety and Security
  • Cash Handling
  • Customer Service
  • Refunds and Returns
  • Visual Merchandising
  • Inventory and Stock Management
  • Increasing Productivity

Future Plans

Initially, Auditaker is planning to target the retail. In future, it is expected to reach both small and large scale industries across the globe.

Auditaker – An app for digital auditing
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