AR/VR Startup ShilpMIS Raise Angel Fund Through IvyCamp

AR/VR startup ShilpMIS Technologies has managed to raise an undisclosed amount of angel funding through IvyCamp from Digital Trade veteran, Mr Puneet Gupta and Nimitt Desai, accomplice at Deloitte USA,(both  high net-worth investors.)

The Surat-based startup was founded by IIT-Guwahati alumnus Hardik Desai and Vivek Bhargav. ShilpMIS is a growing startup which is completely focused on AR/VR technologies. Their aim is to encourage the usage of AR/VR seamlessly. They claim to be the Instagram and powerpoint in AR/VR industry, where people can create and share their experience in the virtual world.

Hardik Desai, CEO and founder of ShilpMIS said: “Crowdsourced content material is important to capture the VR market and the most effective alternatives lie in enabling the lots to create and devour VR simply. By the way, the identical platform may double down because the back-end of the extremely coated Indian B2C companies might overpower. That’s the place our expertise will scale superbly by constructing a platform that permits us the luxury of being B2C and B2B2C, as the necessity arises.”

ShilpMIS is working on their, which enable the users to create VR applications in simplest way possible. The user can generate VR regarding travel, locations, events, photography, products, without writing a single line of code. The VR content can be published online and viewed globally using only the internet, without requiring any download. For example, with the help of PPTRV, a traveller can build interactive travel blog; a physics teacher can build a science experiment with just a few clicks. The best part is, the content can be experienced in desktop and smartphone even without the VR headset.

On his investment, Mr Puneet Gupta opined, “The biggest opportunity and the biggest constraint is the pace at which user-generated VR content is being created. Today, it is restricted to super-specialty content firms. Democratising this, is what will make the biggest impact on the industry.”

 The new startup has to compete with another startup like Gazematics, Grey Kernel, Meraki, Smart Vizx, SpectraVR, Tesseract inc, Dimension and much more. Recently, another AR & VR Startup, Imaginate from Hyderabad has raised $500K from SRI Capital. Read more about Indian Startups.

AR/VR Startup ShilpMIS Raise Angel Fund Through IvyCamp
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