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Amila Lounge Prepares Brides for Post-marriage Challenges

Wedding is a major happening in one’s life. It is so full of turns and twists that it can make or break one’s life. It is a big turning point for girls since their lives undergo a huge transition which requires a lot of preparation for personal grooming, wardrobe management, household efficiency, party arrangement, social etiquette, etc. behind the curtains before and after marriage. Amila Lounge is a new-age platform exclusively for to-be-married girls and newly wedded brides to be prepared confidently for a new journey full of challenges.

Inception of Amila Lounge

Based out of Gurgaon, Amila Finishing Lounge resulted from Ms. Gunjan Angihotri’s earnest desire to help to-be-married girls and newly wedded brides with right preparations for innumerable challenges ahead. Women’s marital duties and responsibilities are no more limited to kitchen work and household chores these days. In urban India, women have evolved to accompany their husbands in corporate events, organize in-house soirees or celebrations for neighbors or family friends, manage household expenses, take care of external errands on behalf of husbands, conceptualize interior décor, etc. Ms. Gunjan Agnihotri has seen many newly wedded girls struggle with new roles and responsibilities at the initial phase of their marital lives. Ms. Agnihotri’s experience and observation in real life took shape as Amila, a preparatory platform cum finishing lounge, to train women in various ways and for various challenges of life post marriage.

Introduction of the Founder

Ms. Gunjan Agnihotri, the founder of Amila Finishing Lounge, is a psychologist by profession and an experienced holistic coach. An MBA graduate from MDI Singapore, she found a finishing school like Amila necessary for women and came up with a customizable life management program for them, aiming to make a difference in their lives so that they feel confident and be happy post marriage. Gunjan herself attended Beaton’s finishing school while doing MBA in Singapore. Amila is a result of her unprecedented love and sheer respect for Womanhood. Her upbringing was like that of any Indian girl however her dream was to find and make a place for herself in the society. She took the world as a classroom and kept on gaining practical experiences at every step. Moreover, she is a passionate nature worshipper and fitness lover.

Business Model and USP 

“The USP of Amila Finishing Lounge is that it is the one stop solution for every marriage related matter. The whole concept of Amila from business model to services is very unique. We have a special arrangement for classes at home and connect our clients to our faculty members,” says Ms Agnihotri. The business model of Amila is unique in the sense that the courses on homemaking and lifestyle management for would-be brides and newly married girls can be customized according to the individual needs of Amila’s clients. The duration of each course is six weeks. Again, there are different packages for different budgets and requirements.

Competition & Challenges 

Gunjan Agnihotri says in no uncertain terms that Amila has no competitor as of now. There are many private lifestyle coaches and homemaking training schools in lanes and alleys these days. Unlike them, Amila Lounge provides all marriage related solutions and pre & post marriage preparatory training under one roof. Amila is a many times more organized and holistic startup in training for women and girls. Unlike private coaches and regular homemaking learning centers, Amila trains women in many things beyond homemaking, kitchen management and partying.

“There are some challenges despite no competition. Improving service packages, enhancing service standards, maintaining consistency in training quality and reaching out to target audience are some of the challenges ahead of us. We are prepared for the same,” says Ms Agnihotri confidently. (As a highlighted quote)

Response to Amila Lounge

Amila Lounge has elicited phenomenal response in just 150 days since the inception. Though it operates in Delhi and Delhi NCR, queries are pouring in from outside Delhi, according to Ms Agnihotri. On seeing the escalating demand and overwhelming response, Amila is looking to evolve into a nationwide brand by building its presence and expanding its operations beyond Delhi. Opening a call centre to address women’s everyday issues is also on Ms Agnihotri’s agenda for the future.

Marketing & Funding

Amila Lounge is a bootstrapped startup. It is currently wheeled by digital marketing to reach out to the target audience in Delhi NCR. Digital marketing is actionable and measurable in terms of return on investment. Gunjan Agnihotri is also planning to have business association with fashion designers, wedding planners, wedding photographers, etc. for new-age lifestyle courses for girls from high-profile families. The female population in the age group of 18-35 yrs is approximately 65,000 in Delhi NCR. Amila has a potential market to tap into for a phenomenal growth.

The Closing Note

“We are a niche specific startup for a particular section of audience in India, with a defined vision and a definite mission. When the targets and goals are clear, right strategies need to be executed in a calculated manner to reach them. Innovation is the main driving force which should not cease ever,” says Ms Agnihotri. Read more Startup News.

Amila Lounge Prepares Brides for Post-marriage Challenges
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