Aerospace giants

Aerospace Giants Boeing and JetBlue invest in startup of Indian-origin

Boeing and JetBlue are amongst the leading aerospace giants looking forward to developing alternatives to propulsion aircrafts.

Zunum Aero and electric Hybrid aircraft Development Company founded by an Indian named Ashish Kumar. This company was founded 3 years ago and is now based in Kirkland, Washington. This company is working on developing electric hybrid aircraft that will have potential to improve the performance and efficiency of various aerospace applications.

Recently aerospace giants Boeing and JetBlue invested in Zunum Aero in order to develop an alternative aircraft for both of them. Mr. Kumar is really happy and found himself fortunate enough to work for these aerospace giants.

All of these companies (Boeing, JetBlue, and Zunum Aero) are now passionate about developing new aircraft that could make regional air travel possible.

Mr. Kuman is now looking for financing to take further steps of the development of this 10-50 passengers flights that would have potential to go up to 1,000miles.

It has been revealed that the air jet would first operate on the power given by the batteries containing an aviation diesel or a power generator will be supplied inside the aircraft as a backup.

Boeing started making investments with its new group “Boeing Horizon X”. This is a special cell created by Boeing that will only look after the improvements, performance of aerospace applications, and new aerospace models.

According to JetBlue, they are looking for some innovative, disruptive force that would change the way  people think of regional travel. They have faith in Zunum and believe that Mr. Kumar would come up with an eco-friendly aircraft that would use airports that are left unused from quite a long time.

Who is Ashish Kumar?

Mr. Kumar has all the potential and leadership qualities. His passion and dedication for work can be seen from the success of business giants like Google, Microsoft, Dell, and McKinsey. He initially started with helping in the launch of Aeroxchange. Aeroxchange is now the biggest marketplace for Aviation Industry. Mr. Ashish Kumar is a skillful man with Ph.D. (Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering) from Cornell University.  He also worked as a professor at an engineering college in Brown University.

Aerospace Giants Boeing and JetBlue invest in startup of Indian-origin
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