Aaveg- ISO Certified Organization that manages transport operations

Be it leasing, Business rentals, Employee transportation or Pool cars, Aaveg is a first-of-its-kind Employee Transport Management Company that provides end-to-end corporate mobility solutions, with specialization in ground transportation. Aaveg is the first company in the world to work on Employee Transportation MSP. Its prime objective is to reduce Carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, reduce traffic congestions and facilitate optimum utilization of resources. It manages the entire activity chain, including employee transportation, business rental & advising, and managing & procuring the overall transport requirement of any organization.

Hard Work never fails

The most challenging issue that Aaveg faced in its initial operational stage was during the gestation period. Since transport and commute decisions in the corporate sector are policy decisions, any change or reform in policy is a time consuming process. However, after initial holdups, Aaveg’s team was able to overcome this issue with hard work and determination.

Aaveg is a well planned start-up

Aaveg was started with an aim to service corporates, bring safety & security to commuters, promote efficiency in driving and enable decongestion of roads. It is committed to create and provide the best & secure commuting experience for travelers, by striving relentlessly for consistency and optimization.

That One Proud Entrepreneur!

Ashok Vashist is a serial entrepreneur, and is the Founder & CEO of Aaveg. His chief responsibilities involve Brand Management and Corporate Development. His extensive skillset includes Team Management, New Business Development, and Operations Management. Ashok had been in car rental & leasing business since last 20 years and has mentored many professionals. Ashok played a significant role in introducing the industry disrupting concept of radio taxi and driver-cum-owner business model in India. In addition, he was also responsible for managing transportation activities during the 2010 commonwealth games held in the country, and is recognized by AsiaOne (PWC) as the leader in Transport category.

High and High till it reaches the Sky

Aaveg’s revenue in the Financial Year April 2015-March 2016 was 1.03 Crores, and between March 2016 to September 2016, it was 4.7 Crores and will reach close to 50 Crores in the upcoming days. The traction from the market have been tremendously overwhelming. Currently, Aaveg caters to industries like IT, e-commerce, BPO &KPO, Banking, Retail, Manufacturing, PSU, and travel management companies.

Key competitive edge

Aaveg’s key competitive edge lies in the fact that, it provides thought leadership in transport management, problem identification with recommendation solutions, managed services for transport desk & implementation of thought leadership guidelines, and selection of right vendors for sourcing of wheels etc. The company also provides consulting & advisory services such as transport policy design, vendor management process, floating RFP, training of transport desks and drivers, and ERP technology solutions. In addition, it also provides MSP for transport and a bouquet of top end technology solutions.

Funding and Sourcing

Aaveg is funded through the internal accruals and is yet to decide on its future course of action related to funding, i.e. whether to go the equity way or to raise funds from interested investors. Aavegs income is from the savings what a corporate makes.

 Aaveg’s products and services include:

  • Consulting and Advisory Service:
  • Consulting on technology.
  • Study on-ground operations.
  • Preparation of white paper.
  • Designing of Transport policy.
  • Floating Request for Proposal (RFP).
  • Training to transport (Desk & Driver).
  • Vendor management process.
  • Managed Service Provider (MSP-Transport):
  • Defining KRAs of transport team.
  • Deployment of Manpower.
  • Meeting compliance.
  • Ensuring safety & security of employees.
  • Technology implementation.
  • Setting up command centre.
  • Ensure regular flow of information.
  • Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and Key performance Indicators (KPIs).
  • Technology Solutions:
  • ERP solutions for Employee Transportation and Business Rentals.
  • Mobile App for customers and drivers.
  • Integration of customer platform with vendor’s software.

A big Plan List

Aaveg is planning to build a special policy in corporate and government sector by helping the Indian Government in building up the right kind of infrastructure for its smart cities transportation projects. Apart from that, the company also plans to get into the public commuting space to further reduce carbon emission and decongest the roads. Read more Indian Startup Stories.

Aaveg- ISO Certified Organization that manages transport operations
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