12 startups get Rs.3.15 Cr funding from Karnataka Government

Karnataka state IT-BT Department has announced Rs 3.18 crore in grants to 12 startups in areas such as agriculture, biotechnology, security, communications and robotics.

This is part of IT dept’s Idea2PoC (Proof of Concept) scheme to encourage entrepreneurs in the state with funding to commercialise innovation. These 12 startups are specialised in a wide range of specialities, skills, and industries, such as agriculture, biotechnology, security, communications, robotics and the like. They have been selected carefully on the grounds of the application of the technology, practicality, feasibility and innovation.

Priyank Kharge, Minister for IT & BT, said, “The state is filled with young, talented and brilliant people, and it is our responsibility to ensure that these talents are recognised. These 12 startups were chosen because they have the potential to make a difference.”

Idea2PoC is a part of the multi-sector startup policy launched by the state government in 2015 and is being implemented by Karnataka Biotechnology and Information Technology Services (KBITS).

The12 startups which received funding are:

1) Dr. Live Software (Rs 10 lakh)

2) EasyKrishi (Rs 15 lakh)

3) Lightmetrics (Rs 30 lakh)

 4) PiOctave Solutions (Rs 30 lakh)

 5) Geeksynergey Technologies (Rs 30 lakh)

 6) ispAgro Robotics (Rs 20 lakh)

7) Astrome (Rs 30 lakh)

 8) Esyasoft (Rs 20 lakh)

9) Geotraq Safety (Rs 45 lakh)

10) NammaNimma Cycle Foundation (Rs 10 lakh)

 11) Sirena Technologies (Rs 48 lakh)

12) Selfdot Technologies (Rs 30 lakh)

Gaurav Gupta, principal secretary, IT, BT and science and technology, said in the statement, “Bangalore is the IT hub of the country; however, we now see that startups in the fields of agriculture, biotechnology, security, communications, robotics, and gaming are springing up rapidly. Our vision is to promote and mentor these startups, and provide them with all the assistance they require to become completely self-sufficient.” Read more about Indian Startup Ecosystem.


12 startups get Rs.3.15 Cr funding from Karnataka Government
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