Google Pixel vs Apple iPhone 7: Which Rules the Market?

Google Pixel vs Apple iPhone 7

Google has introduced two flagship smartphones – the Pixel and Pixel XL at an event in San Francisco to rave scrutiny in October. Critics loved the flagship specs, premium design, excellent cameras and power. All these features bind this phone to use same maze which is being currently used by iPhone’s lately designed model. It goes without saying that at certain point, both will lock horns with one another. While, firm like Apple has already solidified its foot in the handset market, Google has just made its entry by launching these first self made phones. Now the question is, how do these Google’s newbies will actually fight with market’s most long-runner Apple’s new players. Excited? Well, so are we! Hence we are making a quick review of Google Pixel vs Apple iPhone 7. Do have a look. Read Google Launches Pixcel.

Design:- Apple has shared its iPhone 7’s design with its predecessor and didn’t get any convincing updates. So , if you are looking forward to have something new here than I must say, just leave the idea. Unfortunately, you have to drop the idea for Pixel too, as it’s somewhat dated with said unit. Of course many customers don’t get impressed by the looks only and for those we would highlight the design nod to Apple. Thing that weighs the scale towards the iPhone is the presence of a waterproof body which won’t be seen with both the mid size Pixel and flagship Pixel XL. Besides, the gold and rose gold color facility is also more attractive than the Pixel’s white and Black options. Read iPhone 7 can be used as a bomb.

Display:- If you have compulsion of using a big size screen then undoubtedly Pixel will take the charge for you. It sports 5-inch display along with a 1920 x 1080p screen resolution, while Apple iPhone 7 is still using a 4.7-inch Retina HD display that slotting a 1334 x 750p resolution. So, here Pixel has the power that actually makes the smartphone better. With AMOLED panel and high resolution, the Pixel handsets show more vibrant color. Well, such feature can make a lead for Google Android smartphones. In addition, the Pixel will be protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 4 that is one of the best stuff after the Corning Gorilla Glass G featuring in modern Samsung, on the contrary, the  iPhone will be taken care of by Ion-strengthened glass with oleophobic coating.

Processor and Storage:- While Google has offered the fastest and latest snapdragon 821 quad-core SoC processor and complimented by 4GB of RAM, iPhone is powered by its own unit i.e. A10 processor which is mated with only a 2GB of RAM (3GB of RAM in its Flagship Iphone Plus). In such case, Pixel is better than iPhone, right? Well, in my way, it won’t bother you much as both the phones use different softwares and thus they’ve got enough features as per their usage. However, both the smartphones have enough power under their screens to perform functions ranging from normal task to heavy games.

At present, Google has offered its android based smartphones with only two options – 32GB and 128GB and no such indication have been out for more powerful version of the units anytime soon. Apple, on the other side is available with three variants namely- 32GB, 128GB, and 256GB. Albeit, Google doesn’t want to leave any box unticked, therefore it has loaded a feature like Cloud Storage in its handsets through which a person can store more photos and videos with full resolution. Still, the lack of 256GB variants may pull its legs somewhere.

Camera:- If Google achieves a higher sales graph, the credit will definetly go to its camera. Featured with 12.3-megapixel sensor at the back with f/2.0 aperture, it is claimed to be “best in the market”. And yes, it is!  As the DxoMark report suggests, the Pixel has secured a rating of 89 out of 100 that is unique in itself as the latest designed iPhone has only got 86 rating out of 100. Furthermore, the company conveyed camera is also quick and doesn’t frustrate the user while clicking the snaps. Besides, accessing the camera is easy too; all you need to do is just double click the button and you will have that in a very quick manner.

Operating System and Power:- Apple’s recent offering has been integrated with the latest iOS version and is also claimed to be more faster than its predecessors. Although, Google is new to the market in terms of such condition, but, it knows the market very well. The biggest reason behind the failure of any machine is their software and thus its comes with the most advanced android version. And what else could be the best moment for introducing this new upgraded version, the Nougat 7.1 with its own new player. Hence, this is also a great compliment for this Pixel. But the fact is, each operating system or softwares has unique offerings, so it is unfair to compare them with others. In terms of power, iPhone is marginally having less battery life figures in comparison with Google’s handsets. The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are packed with 1960 mAh and 2900 mAh batteries, while the Pixel and Pixel XL are breathing via 2700 mAh and 3450 mAh batteries.

Unique Features:- One must say that all the things existing in the world have some unique and precious quality that make them stand out from the crowd. Similarly, both iPhone and Pixel also have some uniqueness inside themselves. Let’s make the notes for Pixel first. This phone is first to be featured with a Google Assistant software that works similar to the Siri featuring in all the flagship iPhone handsets. To operate this feature, you just need to hold down the home button and it will come into effect immediately. Further, it also houses attributes like 24×7 customer care support along with Screen Share option for better convenient. On the other side, Apple has offered apps like iMessage and FaceTime that is exclusive to the phones.However, iPhone 7 is devoid of an audio jack, which Apple has tried to cover up by offering an inconvenient adapter inside the box.

Verdict:- When i was studying up in the primary level, I would often hear the lines “First is the worst, Second is the best”. By looking at the Pixel, it looks like Google has proved that wrong and unveiled one of the best smartphones in its first attempt. When it comes to Apple, which is ruling the market from decades, it can’t be defeated so easily by any rival. Even though, we have mentioned some quick comparison in the above section, I hope it will help you a little to find out the best one for you. Read more on iPhone and Google .

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