Top companies that freshers love to work with


Top companies where freshers would like to start their careers

LinkedIn recently posted a report according to their data on top companies that pulls in the talent from India. We went ahead and picked up 6 companies that are pulling in the cream of Indian talent. The list looks shocking since some of the companies have bad media coverage in terms of recruiting freshers.

1) Flipkart

Topping the list is Flipkart, with a track record too rocky and so, Flipkart managed to pull off most of whatever it set foot in. Be that its move on sabbatical offers or a wide spanned maternal leave. Though it has been on the dark side once in a while ( The IIM, IIT controversy recently) or the fact that there is a bigger turn rate than most of the startup giants, Flipkart still manages to secure a position in a list where people still want to join and work at.

2) Amazon:

Amazon has great reviews when it comes to customer satisfaction and teamwork. The work culture at Amazon is great and employees have cool access to the awesome technology. But there might be a little catch, Amazon is known to be frugal and this might be said when it comes to how little perks the employees get here. Performance reviews are often lower to the actual contribution.

3) Google

The word even a little kid is familiar with, Google is the dream place to work at and with for most of all. People work for Google not just because of the ridiculously awesome benefits and perks, the mere name GOOGLER in their resume tends to put a lot of weight for their careers. Though there are downsides to the firm like rumoured workplace domination and discrimination towards non-permanent employees or designating work with low profile than actually fit to your caliber, Google is still the most sought out company in the world per se.

4) Deloitte

Deloitte is where MOST of the freshers want to work with. It usually gets almost 2 million applications annually. Why do people want to work for Deloitte so badly? It’s because the work at Deloitte is really interesting. But there are reviews of internal politics and employee importance (they’re basically strict in that area).

5) Microsoft

Just like Google, Microsoft does not need an intro or any real good specific reasons for why people/candidates want to work there. It simply is the fact that they want the name of Microsoft on their resume. There is a rumoured polar politics that play among the teams at Microsoft and the unaligned review process but all in all a good catch for someone to start with a great boost.

6) Tata Consultancy Services

TCS is more like a grandpa for any fresher’s in the world of MNCs. Working at TCS is often quoted to be like working at a government job. It has got every 20 something fresher aims to get out of a secured job (related things etc.). With a really good job security, TCS has got little negativity and has higher job-seeker attraction. But when it comes to going up a ladder and getting hikes, TCS might not be a place to reckon with. TCS also has no good reputation in encouraging new innovations.

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