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Zero Transaction Charges for Aadhar Pay App Users

Aadhar Pay App has started rolling out and people have started getting benefits from it. Aadhaar Pay for merchants allows customers to make purchases at shops through electronic transactions, without having to use plastic cards or mobile phones. The most attractive feature of Aadhar Pay is that it does not impose any transaction fee on the consumer. All the consumer needs to do is carry his/her Aadhaar number and mention the bank.

Amitabh Kant, the Chief Executive Officer of think-tank NITI Ayog said, “There are no MDR (Merchant Discount Rate) charges here.” Mr Kant is instrumental in pushing the Narendra Modi government’s less cash drive.

The application is not available publicly on the Android Play Store. After signing up for the program, the merchant gets a link to download the application through an SMS. An Android Smartphone is linked to the biometric scanner, which authenticates the transaction.

How Does it Work?

The merchants have to download the application which will be linked to biometric and fingerprints of indivudual’s Aadhar Card. The customer has to enter their Aadhar Card number and desired bank details, Biometrics will work as passwords for the transaction.


Aadhar Pay is claimed to one of the most secured payment methods as it uses the same technology used for iPay and Android Pay. Ajay Pandey, Chief Executive Officer of UIADAI said, “This system is as safe as any other system of payment. In fact, my personal opinion is that it is safer than any other mode.”  As more issues were raised on the security of Aadhar Card Data, read out what UIADAI said.

Till date, 1.06 Billion Aadhar Card biometrics have been registered and around 40 Crore have been linked to their bank details. This  effort will lead to a cashless economy which will further help to flush out the black money from the country.  Read more about Aadhar Card.

Zero Transaction Charges for Aadhar Pay App Users
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