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Wikileaks Founder Julian Assange Dead or Alive?

WikiLeaks recently posted several tweets in the form of a cryptic numerical, each of them containing a 64-character long code, and within no time a phase of preposterous rumours spread that Mr. Julian Assange, founder of WikiLeaks has died. The 45 year old is an Australian expertise in journalism, computer programming and also the publisher & CEO of WikiLeaks, which was established in 2006.

On 16 October 2016, when the series of encrypted posts was done, unwanted speculations fuelled up that Assange has died. People started reasoning those encrypted codes to contain certain secrets to be revealed or be put to notice only in the strange case of Julian Assange’s death. It is believed that these written unique codes are so secured that they can be read or decoded only by the person who’s aware about them or would otherwise forever remain unchanged. Certain other assumptions even convey the message that WikiLeaks was about to release John Kerry’s, as well as John Podesta’s (an advisor of Hillary Clinton) emails.

From last four years, Julian Assange is reported to be in Ecuadorean Embassy in London.  In August 2012, he was sent to an asylum by Ecuador, based on certain allegations that while attending a conference in Sweden he raped two women. Though these allegations were denied by Assange, investigation on the same is still going on.

WikiLeaks wasn’t a very popular site until the US Military information was leaked by Chelsea Manning, which showed how 18 Iraq people were shot dead by US Army Soldiers. Manning material also includes the 2010 July Iraq war logs, the 2010 October Afghanistan war logs, etc. It reveals a true human cost of the conflicts. Assange has worked on many publications and writings like ‘State and Terrorist Conspiracies’ in 2006, ’The Hidden Curse of Thomas Paine’ in 2008 and many more. On 18 September 2014, his book ‘When Google met WikiLeaks’ was published by OR Books and just after this, Google CEO asked for a meeting with Julian Assange. Read ndianCEO reveals Startup Scams.

By 2015, the site successfully published approximately 10 million documents. Julian’s opinions faced criticism from time to time. In fact, Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard said that Assange’s activities are illegal and many people even called him a terrorist. However, he has not broken any Australian law, as reported by the Police officials themselves. Many people came forward backing Assange for his work, including UN High Commissioner and activists & celebrities like Denial Ellsberg, John Pilger, Oliver Stone, Moore etc. Only a few people turned against him like British journalist, Jemima Khan.

Talking about Assange’s personal life, he got married to a woman called Teresa in 1989 and has a son named Daniel Assange. Later they separated as his family also had to face death threats due to his work. They changed their identity and reduced contact with Julian Assange. What would happen next might be a big question, but these tweets for now definitely do not stand as any proof of Assange’s death. This might, however be taken as an act done to garner publicity as the entire ‘encrypted code’ factor was later subsided by another tweet. Read Startup News.

Wikileaks Founder Julian Assange Dead or Alive?
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