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When did the AIADMK chief Amma actually pass away?

It is common knowledge that AIADMK’s party chief, Dr. J. Jayalalithaa, affectionately called as puratshi thalaivi (meaning revolutionary leader in Tamil) or Amma (meaning mother in Tamil) in Tamil Nadu was hospitalized for seventy five days in Apollo hospital in Chennai, before her believed date of demise on 05/12/2016. When her body was produced before the public on 5th of December, 2016, mourners could notice four black dots, in the form of a diamond on her left cheek. Mourners also noticed that her body was looking fresh. This raised speculation on whether Embalming was done to preserve her body and about the actual date of her death. Read more on Jayalalithaa

Embalming is a procedure in which preservative fluids like Formaldehyde, various dyes and water are injected into the dead person’s body, replacing all the blood in the organs, to keep the dead body fresh for a long time (in the order of years) and to delay its decomposition. This is usually done in case of celebrities’ deaths, to preserve their bodies for days so that everyone can view it over a few days’ time. Or it could be done, if the dead body has to shipped to a far off place, thereby requiring preservation. There are two major types of Embalming. They are:

  • Arterial embalming:

    Is where preservative fluids (Formaldehyde, dyes and water) are injected into the dead person’s body via the right common carotid artery. Blood, interstitial fluids and excess arterial solution are removed via the right jugular vein. This process is called draining. The embalming solution is injected with a centrifugal pump and the embalmer massages the body to break up circulatory clots as to ensure the proper distribution of the embalming fluid. This process of raising vessels with injection and drainage from a solitary location is known as a single-point injection.

  • Cavity embalming:

    Is where internal fluids inside the body (blood and interstitial fluids) cavities are replaced with preservative fluids by means of machines called aspirator and trocar. Either one of them is used. The embalmer makes a small incision just above the navel (two inches superior and two inches to the right) and pushes the trocar or aspirator tube into the chest and stomach cavities to puncture the hollow organs and aspirate their contents. The cavities are then filled with preservative fluid which contains Formaldehyde.

Aspirator Trocar

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V2fIE5dbp08]

Why her body was embalmed is debatable. Some people say that AIADMK party men wanted to delay the announcement of her death to avoid riots during Diwali time, some say that AIADMK party men were awaiting the arrival of the Governor of Tamil Nadu, C. Vidyasagar Rao, to Chennai (for his safety) before they could announce the news, but the most popular belief is that the AIADMK party men were taking their time to decide the next successor (leader) of the AIADMK party and the CM candidate. This was not an ordinary decision. There was a difference of opinion among the AIADMK party men. Some party men proposed the famous Tamil actor, Ajit’s (Thala) name as Amma’s successor, some party men proposed Amma’s soul mate and political advisor, Sasikala Natarajan as her successor, some party men proposed A. Selvarajan as her successor, some party men proposed the then deputy CM, Panneerselvam’s name and some party men said Amma’s brother, Jayakumar’s daughter, Deepa was the best choice for the post of Tamil Nadu’s CM and Amma’s successor. Thus there was a considerable difference in opinion among the AIADMK party men and they took their time to decide Amma’s successor as they wanted to prevent a squabble among themselves. Probably this took seventy days. In the end, O. Panneerselvam won the favour of 135 AIADMK’s MLAs and was sworn in as Tamil Nadu’s CM on 06/12/2016 (1:00 AM).

Panneerselvam’s political career will be anything but peaceful. Prior to Amma’s demise, her soul mate and advisor, Sasikala Natarajan and her family, nicknamed the ‘Manargudi Mafias’, were in control of the AIADMK party. Sasikala’s family members were the MLAs representing most of the districts of Tamil Nadu. Sasikala filtered what information reached Amma’s ears. AIADMK party MLAs, at one point of time, even discussed state affairs and state’s economy with Sasikala. She had even forged Amma’s signature on documents relating to the proposed monorail project in Chennai (2015) and made a Malaysian company win the contract as opposed to Amma’s choice of awarding the contract to a Singapore based company. This made Jayalalithaa remove Sasikala Natarajan and her family (the Manargudi Mafias) from her Poes Garden Residence. But even after their removal, Sasikala and her family are still keen to take control of the AIADMK party and Tamil Nadu. They have at their disposal Rs. 5000 crores of black money or ill earned money and may use it to create obstacles to Panneerselvam and force him to step down as Tamil Nadu’s CM. They also have the secret support of the DMK party as Sasikala’s husband, Natarajan, is dear (friend and former DMK party worker) to the DMK chief, MK Karunanidhi.

One thing is for sure. J. Jayalalithaa or Amma did not die on 05/12/2016. She could have passed away a day or maybe even a month or two before 5th December, 2016. The mark (4 black dots in the form of a diamond) of Embalming on her left cheek supports this theory. Hats off to the AIADMK party men for tactfully and peacefully choosing Amma’s successor after biding their time. Read more on Startup News

When did the AIADMK chief Amma actually pass away?
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