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Do not fall prey to WhatsApp video calling scam !

WhatsApp launched their video calling feature on 16th November 2016. Much before this launch I have been receiving links from my WhatsApp contacts to fill in a form to activate this feature. Well this WhatsApp video calling invite is a scam.

How this scam works is, a link is shared in a WhatsApp group, the users click on the link, giving their details. Next step to activate the video calling featured is to invite 4 friends and 4 groups with the received link. Well after inviting them also your feature does not get activated. This algorithm was written only to capture users’ personal details with bait. In this case bait is the video calling feature. The origin of this message is not determined nor is the intention.

In today’s world unlike the demonetized Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes, people data is off high value. This algorithm can be designed to capture details that can be used for marketing purposes. There are many companies that sell you company/people directories. In my previous organizations we would buy directories that have details of our prospects. These directories cost starts from $1000. This is one way to generate leads when you have a budget. This was a well planned scam to get WhatsApp user details.

Do not fall prey to WhatsApp video calling scam !
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