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Whatsapp message about BSNL Data and Calls free for 1 year is fake

Currently there is a message being circulated on whatsapp talking about BSNL data and calls free for 1 year. Well this promotional message being circulated is fake. The message has a registration link which should not be clicked.

Previously a similar message about Whatsapp video calling was circulated along with a registration link. This unlimited BSNL data and calls free for one year also has a registration link. This is smart way to gather people’s data and sell them to directory companies to make bucks. Please do not fall for such traps. Always check the service providers website or call their customer service to confirm the offer.

I fell prey to a similar promotional message being circulated in my mail, regarding Videocon D2H offer. I collected information but refused to make payment, since the payment page was redirecting to a website that did not look like an official website. Similarly the BSNL offer registration page has “ BSNI “ instead of “BSNL ”, both the words looks same to the naked eye. Anyone can copy BSNL’s website, use a fake domain name that looks like BSNL and scam people into giving in their details.

Off late thanks to messaging apps, such fake offers are being circulated a lot and people are making money out of it. Read more about Startup Scams.

Whatsapp message about BSNL Data and Calls free for 1 year is fake
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