Virat Kohli invests in kids fitness startup Stepathlon Kids

Stepathlon Kids

Indian Test Captain Virat Kohli partners with Stepathlon Lifestyle to launch Stepathlon Kids, a company dedicated to children’s fitness programmes

Virat Kohli invests in kids fitness startup, Stepathlon Kids. Himself being a fitness enthusiast has decided to promote the importance of fitness in kid through this new startup.

This new venture is looking to reach 50,000 children in the first year of operations and make children aware of the important of fitness. It will have 30 days course for children, who will be urged to take at least 15,000 steps in a month. These 15,000 steps would later be converted into distance. The company is targeting only 8-12 years kids.

There are 11 million obesity kids cases per year in India and among them around 40% are in the age group of 6-12 years. This startup aims to reduce obesity in kids using technology.

There are two types of sports startups, ones that are aggregators of gym and fitness studios and others that use technology to make non-gym people fit.

Ravi Krishnan, co-founder and chief executive of Stepathlon Lifestyle, said: “With Stepathlon Kids, we aim to ingrain health and wellness in them at an early stage, to build a foundation that will last them a lifetime. Virat has been through a personal fitness transformation and we are proud he’s chosen Stepathlon Kids to build a healthier nation…we can build on the phenomenal success Stepathlon has had in the corporate space.”

Virat is already promoting this venture of his through Twitter & Facebook. As of now he received more than 2,00,000 likes and almost 1000 re-tweets.

Last year this cricketer turning entrepreneur has invested Rs 90 Cr in Chisel Fitness, a Bengaluru-based fitness center. This center recently announced plans to introduce technology-enabled, gamified workout routines and add 100 more centers in the next two years.

Another cricketer that has turned entrepreneur is Yuvraj Singh who invested in beauty and wellness app Vyomo, Uber of mini trucks Moovo, and JetSetGo, which is a marketplace for private aircrafts.

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