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UTI Launches Mutual Fund Plan For The Elderly

Looking for some reliable and trustworthy investment plan to invest your hard earned money and give a sense of financial security to your elderly loved ones!!!

If yes, UTI Mutual funds are here to provide one of the best and genuine Mutual fund plan for the elderly that not stabilizes your elders’ financial situation but also give them peace and a comfortable living.

UTI Mutual Fund is a part of India’s Top 10 leading Mutual funds group that is aiming to increase its Assets under Management or we call it AUM for the already existing schemes called MIS Advantage Plan and Wealth Builder Plan. Both of these schemes will now support the UTI family that allows children to extend their financial help to parents as well.

This is one of the best moves taken by UTI Mutual Fund where children would be given facility to service their parents by giving them a payout on a regular basis. There will be a systematized plan to withdraw the payment so the children or the parents won’t have to worry once they become a part of this mutual fund plan.

Know about these plans: MIS Advantage plan and Wealth Builder Plan

MIS advantage Plan: Under this plan, over 75% of your money would be invested in debt funding and rest 25% will be invested in Equity funding whereas in Wealth Builder Plan, 100% of your money will be invested in equity funding only.

According to the recent reports of project head of UTI mutual fund, Mr. R Raja, both of these plans, MIS Advantage plan and Wealth Builder Plan will help UT Mutual fund to double their AUM, Asset Under management plan once UTI Family facility is launched under these two schemes.

As of now, AUM of MIS Advantage plan is Rs.600 crore and UTI MF HEAD is expecting to increase the number to Rs.1,000 crore. Likewise, for Wealth Builder Plan, AUM now is Rs.900 crore and it is expected to increase by Rs.2, 000 crores.

Wrapping Up

A great move has been taken by UTI Mutual fund to encourage children to help their parents financially.

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UTI Launches Mutual Fund Plan For The Elderly
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