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Twitter Seeking New Path After Potential Bidders Said to Back Off

It’s no secret that Twitter is continuously losing its grip on the social media market for last two years, as many of the young and advanced players have come into effect with new strategies. With struggling to find new users, speculation of a potential Twitter (NYSE:TWTR) sale has been breathing heavily all around. Of course, we can believe many interested buyers there. With information available, a list of buyers like Google, Verizon, Microsoft, Watt Disney and the Salesforce had shown their interest on social media air.

Over the time, all the engrossed companies have turned back their faces in a wake of getting pressurized from their investors. Even, Bob Iger, Chief Executive of  Disney and a close friend of Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter, has lost his interest in making offers. Still, some bidders have not expressed their notions yet. Twitter had also organized a meeting with the outside advisers concerning about the sale , but, that was also canceled at last moment owing to some unspecified reason. However, Twitter doesn’t want to stop its efforts and hence it is thinking for eyeing more on its live video streaming. Read Twitter don’t sell your business to Facebook, Google, or Microsoft.

In the last one year, the stock of Twitter has gone down by 35 per cent that was recorded just before the board has made an announcement that they were thinking of selling the Twitter. Since October 5, Twitter has been down more or less 27 per cent when it first told the potential buyers to render their bids by the end of this month, as well as the price has been down more than 44 per cent over last year’s trading price.

If sales won’t go forward, Twitter will have to depend more heavily on its live video streaming and need to focus more on it for attracting more users. With the recent activities like entering into partnerships for entertainment, politics and sports content such as National Football League’s games on Thursday night, looks like Twitter has already recognized market strategies very well and started working on it. The games that will be rushed on Twitter will also carry comments. If you remember, the US presidential debate was streamed live on the same platform.

The interesting thing about these strategies is that it will allow people to use a new way to access the service even if they don’t have an account on Twitter. Meanwhile, it is also planning to share revenues on the video ads as that of YouTube.    Read more news on Twitter.

Some Cons of the Twitter:-

  1. Limited amount of Characters:- With limited characters, of course, it will take less time to plot your thoughts, but sometimes it becomes too hard to express them into one short post.
  2. Security:-  Your post is less secure that of the other social media channels and can be seen by everyone.
  3. Novice users won’t stick around
  4. Post will be Buried:- Millions of people are sharing their posts all the time and in that case your post will be lost.

Pros of the Twitter:-

  1. Fastest way to have any breaking news
  2. You can promote your ideas here easily
  3. You can follow your idols and favorite celebrities here
  4. Easy to make new connections. Read Latest News.

Twitter Seeking New Path After Potential Bidders Said to Back Off

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