This week Twitter is excepting bids for their business


Twitter is all over the news for considering options to sell business and halt losses. As per Wall street Journal, in this race the most eager buyer is Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff, who is currently prepping his investors for the need to acquire Twitter. The bid has other giants like Google and Walt Disney. Salesforce CEO has lost LinkedIn to Microsoft in Spring this year.

The cloud computing software CEO calls Twitter an “unpolished jewel” and sees great value in it. Data is something that he is looking to gain from Twitter. LinkedIn has it and Twitter has it too. By acquiring Twitter, Salesforce can help their enterprise clients to better market products to their prospects. Acquisition cost is more than 20 Billion USD, which is one third of market value of Salesforce.

Google on the other had had a bad experience with social media. Orkut and Google+ is something that was not accepted by digital users. Their current revenues from advertisement are 19 Billion USD and rising. For them Twitter will boost their revenues and will help this data to further provide personalized and relevant adds to their users. Also Google can give tough competition to Facebook by integrating Google+ features into Twitter. Social media market can have a new leader post this acquisition?  Google?

As I told in the previous post, Twitter has 313 million monthly active users and this is the treasure they acquired over 10 years of time. A new leadership team with a new direction can drive this unpolished social network to limitless sky. Twitter is only considering options; news of acquisition is not yet confirmed. Read more news.

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