Productivity Apps from India

Top 10 Productivity Apps from India

We live a world today that’s entirely tech-savvy. Staying updated is more of a habit with people these days, than just being a necessity. To get our way through everything and our work done in the best possible manner, we always keep looking for productive things that do not waste much of our valuable time and make life easy. There cannot be a better option for this than an effective application that helps you in managing your task swiftly. Although there are a number of applications available for different operating systems, a few brought in by Indian developers top the list. Below is the list of Top Productivity Apps from India.

  1. Shifu

Shifu is one of the most popular user friendly productivity apps from India, developed by the brilliant trio, Deepansh Jain, Prashant Jain and Michael Massey. This app keeps track on your actions like how you use your phone, what all are the important things that need attention, how to operate a given set-up and what to show at what time. Moreover, it has a great in-built organizer that categorizes your every single task properly. The app is also enabled with location, Wi-Fi, time and phone call based alerts.

  1. Game your video

Game your video is a mind-blowing app for all non-iPhone users. It is somewhat like a real time video editing app with sharing functionality. Game your video has been developed by Global Delight, an Udupi based developer.

  1. NightStand HD -2

NightStand HD -2 is a very convenient and helpful app to use. This alarm app works brilliantly with features like customisable snooze, repeating alarm etc. In addition, it has a unique quality that every time the alarm snoozes, the volume for the same keeps on increasing.

  1. NewsHunt

If you require a daily morning dose of latest news in a segregated way, then NewsHunt is the right app for you. This app includes approximately thirty popular news dailies. Its greatest feature is that it has clearly defined categories like international news, national news, sports, political, Bollywood, Hollywood, lifestyle, etc. It has great quality content and is easy to access.

  1. Deck

Deck is one of the most popular productivity apps from India downloaded by approximately 300,000 users. This app is very useful for preparing presentations as it has many required features like animation, typography, templates and graphics. It was developed by an IIM B Graduate and is available on Google Play store.

  1. VuClip

VuClip is somewhat similar to YouTube as it allows users to check or view any kind of video anywhere and on any network globally. This app is in great demand everywhere as it has successfully hit approximately 120 million monthly users without any glitches.

  1. Camera Plus with AirSnap

Camera Plus with AirSnap is a magical productive app that brings both camera and editing feature. Those who use multiple iOS devices will definitely appreciate this app.

  1. Friday

This Productivity app from Bangalore was developed by a start-up called Dexetra. It acts as your very own personal phone assistant. Friday consists of unique in-built features that manage each and every single activity on your phone.

  1. Sari

This app is developed by a Mumbai based Codeconclave developer with a huge global following. Sari is all about teaching how to wear saree, how to tie saree or how to drape saree properly. It includes video tutorials to give you better clarification. This is the top paid app in India.

  1. Signeasy

Signeasy is the worldwide downloaded second most famous app developed by IITian Sunil Patro who was also an ex Microsoft employee. Signeasy is a digital method of doing signature on documents from anywhere in the world. It is available on Google Drive and Evernote cloud services. Currently they have many paying customers and are giving good competition to many others. Read more Top 10 Lists.

Top 10 Productivity Apps from India
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