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Top 10 predictions for 2017 cyber security

Major events of 2016 have created great uncertainty about the future, but in cyber security one thing is certain: Some attacks and crimes will continue and new challenges will emerge. Here are the top 10 predictions for 2017 cyber security:

  1. Mobile banking and payment apps will be key targets – Hackers attack banks because that’s where the money is. Banks are moving towards more mobile banking to offer ease of use, competitive differentiation, and to achieve operational efficiencies. But security continues to lag in the mobile code and hackers are going to have a blast exploiting these apps.
  1. Cyber terrorism will go more mainstream –There was a lot of talk going on for some time between various nations about cyber terrorism and it is only going to increase in 2017. We expect major cyber-attacks occurring at government infrastructures as well as commercial companies causing serious damage.
  1. More regulatory standards for Mobile and security Industry associations and federal regulators are starting to realize that Mobiles have become the weakest link. With legacy servers and networks more secure, hackers are going after mobile devices and applications with easy to exploit vulnerabilities.
  1. Drones will offer a new attack vector – Drones have their own unique identity. As drones will start getting used more for deliveries of goods, expect drone jacking and other attacks. Hackers can also cause drones to malfunction with a malware, resulting in injuries.
  1. Insider attacks will continue to grow and get more sophisticated – Dissatisfied employees might attack to take out their anger at the employer, or might collaborate with external hackers for monetary gains. Such types of attacks will continue to grow as they are much easier to execute.
  1. Connected Homes will see malware infections grow More number of users and home owners will resort to using connected devices without properly understanding the security intimations. There will be malwares that find their way into these devices and exploit them at the right time whether for ransomware or some other malicious purposes.
  1. Attacks through employee systems Organizations will continue to improve their security postures and remain vigilant. Thus, attackers are likely to shift their focus and attack enterprises to gain access to corporate networks.
  1. Social Engineering Attacks on Employees will grow -Organizations will invest more in protecting themselves from cyber-attacks. Hopefully the organization will concentrate on investing in staff training, and ensuring there are strict consequences for repeat offenders.
  1. Cloud Services Cloud computing is a hot trending technology and with an accelerating amount of business confidential information, such services, if exploited, could compromise organizational business strategy, company portfolio strategies and other data.
  2. Automobiles Cyber security vendors and automakers need to preemptively work together to mature guidance, standards, and technical solutions to shield attack facades such as vehicle navigation systems, engine control units (ECUs), engine and transmission ECUs, advanced driver assistance system ECUs, passive keyless entry, remote link type apps, OBD, USBs, remote key systems, V2X receivers, passive key systems, and Smartphone access. Read Indian Startup News.


Top 10 predictions for 2017 cyber security
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