The Side Hustle Revolution: An Ultimate Business Building Guide from Ideation to Launch!

“The Side Hustle Revolution” by Anjali Sharma is the ultimate guide to transforming your entrepreneurial dreams into a thriving business. Whether you’re a corporate employee craving more independence and money or a budding entrepreneur with a fire in your soul, this book is your ticket to success.

Embark on a thrilling adventure as we navigate the entrepreneurial landscape, uncover hidden business opportunities, and craft a winning product that captivates your target audience. With practical tools and step-by-step frameworks, this book is your trusted companion, guiding you to entrepreneurial greatness.

Discover how to:

✨ Identify your passion and turn it into a thriving business idea.
✨ Uncover hidden opportunities in the market.
✨ Craft a winning product that captivates your audience.
✨ Master marketing, pricing, and revenue optimization.
✨ Scale your business for long-term success.

Speaking about her inspiration to write Anjali Says

What inspired me to write a book on this topic – The Side Hustle Revolution, is pretty straightforward. Throughout my career, I’ve seen so many people in and around my community who are having so many ideas and they want to start something on their own for more freedom and independence but someone is never able to do something. They are the wannabe entrepreneurs. I was a wannabe entrepreneur at one time and I released that the one thing which was majorly missing in my journey was a properly structured plan. This book is the plan I’ve used to equip myself with relevant information to do something on my own. My book is my side hustle and hence I wanted to share this journey with everyone. I wanted to lay down a simple step-by-step product of transforming a wannabe entrepreneur’s journey to an actual successful entrepreneur and I’ve used my book to advocate that it works and it’s possible! 

My book writing experience was super fun as it was my side hustle and I was writing for my younger self. I’ve collated all the learnings throughout the process of working on something I really love – Storytelling. I’ve used my writing as a tool in this process. I am also from a non MBA background so I’ve shared all my business and product learnings through a story. I’ve demonstrated this book as a game because who likes boring textbooks! I’ve kept it super short and I’ve divided it into levels to make it even more interesting(for my own self at one point). I’ve bootstrapped the whole process starting from idea generation, interior and exterior designing, cover designing and even publishing because I wanted to test my MVP(this book) with the least resources and money (I am a product manager after all). It took me almost 60 days and 3 pivots to like my own writing and finally when I was satisfied, I’ve launched my book and hence proved that the process I’ve mentioned in the book works. I believe if I can do that, anyone can do that and that’s my hope with my book – The Side Hustle Revolution! 

Don’t let your dreams gather dust. Take action and create a life you truly love. Grab your copy of “The Side Hustle Revolution” today and join the revolution! 

The Side Hustle Revolution: An Ultimate Business Building Guide from Ideation to Launch!
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