Thank You Reliance Jio

Thank You Reliance Jio my Airtel 4G speed improved

TRAI launched their new app for Android and iPhone called MySpeed portal.  According to the portal Jio has the lowest 4G speed when compared to Airtel, Idea, RCom, and Vodafone. Jio has a download speed of 6.2Mbps while Airtel has the highest 11.4 Mbps. I did recollect my Airtel to give me 7 Mbps but now the numbers increased. Thank You Reliance Jio!

I have written article against Relaince Jio and expressed my opinion of not to buy Reliance Jio. But this post is purely to thank this Telecom Service Provider (TSP).  Like RCom, this new entrant is disrupting the telecom scenario in India. Present Telecom players are not reducing their tariffs but they are improving their services to beat down this new entrant.  Vodafone recently gave a statement that they are increasing their 4G coverage and speed, Airtel is showing increase in 4G speed, Idea will also provide more to stay in the race. Read more on Reliance Jio.

Ookla Speedtest saves all the data, so I could pull out Airtel, Vodafone speed test results from 2015 to compare with the current speeds. Vodafone too is providing more than 7Mbps,Rcom is also in the 7Mbps race. This scenario is favourable for telecom user and not so good for a telecom, thanks to Jio. Read Startup News.

Thank You Reliance Jio my Airtel 4G speed improved
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