Tesla To Make India as their Manufacturing Hub soon


New Delhi: With his recent visit to the US-based eco-motor corporation Tesla, Nitin Gadkari, the union transport minister has proposed a way for Tesla to open its ventures in India. Gadkari, on his visit to the manufacturing factory of Tesla yesterday was really pleased by what the company at San Francisco is capable of and its incredible role in saving the world from pollution.

With the increase in pollution and its underlying problems of scarcity of natural fuels, a need for an alternative is imminent and an immediate requirement. Tesla looks at the Indian market in a promising hope that can be a really great win-win situation. Mr.Gadkari, in a press statement, said that he, along with many government officials have had good talks with the management regarding opportunities where Tesla can collaborate with the Indian automobile firms and help build a greater and stronger India with no pollution.

The biggest issue here is the cost and the education required for people to come forward and adapt to this technology,” Says Girish Shanker, secretary in the ministry of heavy industry and public enterprises.

Tesla is being offered any of the major port area lands by Mr.Gadkari to open their manufacturing outlets and also want them to make Asia as their manufacturing hub. Low cost and pollution free cars are on the demand all over the world and Telsa’s model s are proving to be the best there is to buy at the moment. With more than 4 Lakh cars being pre-ordered for the model X and most of those orders being from India, Tesla really senses a great marketplace.

With the offer being made, Tesla’s senior executive said that the offer is a really pleasant gesture by India and talks of expanding Tesla’s outlets outside the US are already in and this opportunity offered by India is indeed something to think about soon.

But at the same time, with a lot of foreign market elements entering the Indian industry, to what extent does the Prime Minister’s ‘Make in India’ stand? Of course that the products of Tesla will be made in India but the overall market profit may or may not touch India. Will India stand as a consumer of such goods or will it also benefit from the upcoming market scaling by Tesla and companies as such? We’ve seen companies like Pepsi and Coke establish themselves in India long before and there are pros and cons to the same. There may be little to zero environmental damage by Tesla Corp’s Indian venture but all of these questions, when answered, might throw the entire picture to a better and visible light.

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