Things You Did Not Know about Tamil Nadu CM Jayalalithaa

There may not be a single person who isn’t familiar with the name Jayalalithaa and her journey from early reigning South-Indian super stars to the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu. With the charisma of her pleasant smile, she first attended the success as an actress  and then with the quality of leadership, she won over the millions of hearts and undoubtedly both the extremely remarkable case here in the country. And specially at the days, when conservative talks like “women are for household and Men man the country” it definitely comes as a surprise to everyone. But it’s not the end, there was more to Jayalalithaa. Here we are mentioning some interesting things that many people might not not know about her.

Jayalalithaa was born on 24 February 1948 in Mysore (now in the state of Karnataka) as Komalavalli in a Tamil Iyengar family. Her father Jayaram, who was a lawyer by profession, died when she was merely two years old and the family fell into impoverishment.

Later on, they shifted to Tamilnadu along with her brother Jayakumar where her mother Sandhya stepped into Tamil cinemas. She first started her schooling from Bishop Cotton Girls High School in Banglore and after shifting to Chennai pursued further education at the Sacred Heart Matriculation School of Presentation Convent and showed excellence in academics.

She was also awarded the Gold State Award for getting the first rank in the 10th standard in Tamil Nadu.

For her diligence towards the learning made her a good student thus she also received a scholarship from the government for higher studies. However, she soon forayed into the film industry as she was forced by her mother and started acting at the age of 15.

Soon, she became a successful actress and during her career reportedly fell in love with actor Shoban Babu. She also worked in an English film, Epistle, produced by Shankar Giri, son of V.V Giri (former president of India). Besides, she also gained followers for her songs sung in some of her films.

Following MGR’s death in 1987 (MG Ramachandran, an actor and very close friend of Jayalalithaa), she journeyed to the All India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (AIADMK), founded by Ramachandran. She delivered her first public speech, the Pennin Perumai (the Pride of Women), at the meeting of the party same year.

In 1989, she won the elections and was elected as a member of the Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly. It was the first time when a woman was elected as a Leader of the Opposition.

Later on, she had also faced an anti-incumbency wave and some charges of corruption against her as well as for her ministers thereby she lost her power in 1996, but, she came back again in the power with a huge majority in the 2001 elections.

Her major governmental accomplishment comprises relaxation in high-interest private loans, Veeranam Water Supply Scheme aimed at benefiting the Chennai, elimination of the forest brigand Veerappan among the others. Furthermore, she also brought all women police stations and schemes like rain water harvesting, and ‘Rural Women Self-Help Programme’.

Throughout her political career, she also faced many accusations over corruption allegations. Ms Jayalalithaa, at the age of 68 years, has also been undergoing health complications and receiving medical treatments for months and was last came in front of the public in September. The former film-star and chief minister for four times, Ms Jayalalithaa’s hospitalisation witnessed a bevvy of leaders and personalities from all over the country including opposition politicians at the hospital. Hundreds of followers of Amma or mother as she is known to her millions of supporters have also gathered there for praying for her long life. Read Business News.

Things You Did Not Know about Tamil Nadu CM Jayalalithaa
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