Tamil actor Vijay supports PM Modi on demonetization

Ever since PM Modi announced on November 8th, 2016, that Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 currency notes would not be legal tender from that day forth. There have been mixed responses from the people of India on the demonetization move. Some people have adored and embraced the move. Some people have said that the move has only caused chaos and delays in the country. Some people however, have appreciated the idea behind the move but have criticized its poor implementation. The famous Tamil actor Vijay (Talapathy) belongs to this category of people. He appreciates the idea behind the move and PM Narendra Modi’s guts in implementing the move. He however, criticizes the poor implementation of the move. “This is a welcome move from our Prime Minister, Narendra Modi. He has taken a bold, brave decision for the betterment of our economy. When a decision of this magnitude is made, there will be sideeffects and damages”, Vijay said. Read more on PM Modi

Actor Vijay said that he finds it troubling that adequate measures were not taken to make the transition easy for the people. “I hear stories of people not having enough money for food. People are travelling to other cities to draw money from an ATM. In the larger war against black money, the common man is being victimized. I find this depressing”, Vijay said. He also narrated the story of an old man who committed suicide because he was not able to find the money for his grand-daughter’s wedding. “There are many stories like this. I feel that this move should have been thought out more. While I wholeheartedly approve of Modi’s decision, I feel that the 80% of India should not suffer for the sake of the 20% who hold black money”, Vijay said. “The issue has settled down now. And the panic that has been created among the people will soon subside. But my real worry is about the people in the villages and the senior citizens. They do not have the same conveniences we have. My heart goes out to these people. I hope that something is done soon to ease their pain”, Vijay added.

We have to agree with actor Vijay. While the idea behind the demonetization is brilliant, its implementation has not been upto the mark. The government had released Rs. 21,000 crores to NABARD about ten days back to ease the cash crunch in villages and to give loans to farmers who were sowing the winter crop, but the cash crunch in cities continues. The banks do not have enough Rs. 100 notes to give sufficient money to the people. This limit of Rs. 2000 per day per individual has to soon be lifted. Also there has to be separate queues and facilities (like wheel chair) in banks for senior citizens. The Government of India should have made the RBI print enough Rs. 100 notes before taking the demonetization move. Also a lot more people of India, especially in rural India, have to be taught how to use mobile wallet apps before India can shift to cashless transactions. We hope the Government of India takes steps to make the transition easy for people soon. Read more on Startup News

Tamil actor Vijay supports PM Modi on demonetization
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1 Comment

  1. Jigs

    December 2, 2016 at 6:06 pm

    Most people with some common sense will support demonetization.

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