T-Hub CEO response to article published by TOI correct ?

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T-Hub CEO, Jay Krishnan responds to an article that Times of India (TOI) published on 2nd October with title “T-Hub to close doors on 150 Start-ups?” Jay calls says TOI has good vision but bad Myopia (Short Sightedness). The response was given through Jay’s LinkedIn and Inc42 as soon as TOI published this article.

T-Hub CEO response is correct?

  • TOI looked at only how Hyderabad startups are performing and considered only one source before publishing this story.
  • The term “close doors” is wrong since T-Hub was helping them work out of other co-working spaces to help them perform better. While new 150 startups out of 3000 applicants will be given a chance to benefit from India’s largest incubator.
  • TOI should have written the story saying that new 150 startups will be selected into T-Hub. Criticism and bad news attracts eyeballs. There is a saying bad news travels faster than good.
  • Hyderabad startup ecosystem going downhill is a wild statement and TOI should have used more sober and diplomatic words.
  • This article was purely written to show that T-Hub was doing injustice to 150 Hyderabad Startups, while this was false.
  • The startups of Hyderabad should have been compared with pan India.

T-Hub CEO response is wrong?

  • TOI has stated these facts based on Hyderabad startup situation and funding. If this “myopia” statement does not affect any Hyderabad Startup/Entrepreneur, than why did Jay respond?
  • Jay continuously using the term “Myopia” and talking about TOI shows his strong opinion to prove TOI’s article wrong.
  • The title has a question mark, which means TOI is not giving a statement. It is purely opinionated.
  • The article published by TOI talks mainly about T-Hub doing better than average startups in India. Response with a holistic view of startups and what positive changes will T-Hub bring with this move would have been an apt response says in one of the comments (Posted by a LinkedIn user).

This article is not about who is right and who is wrong. This post is only about facts that were mentioned in both the articles. It is the reader’s choice to take sides or share an opinion. Media channels like TOI spread awareness about Indian startup ecosystem. For a healthy ecosystem media and startups should resort to a more neutral approach. Read more startup news.

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