Startups and lessons to learn from PV Sindhu Olympic Success

pv sindhu

Survival of the fittest in the fray – PV Sindhu

With over a billion population in India to find a chance to play for the nation is toughest thing and Sindhu proved her mettle to reach the centre stage to display her talents. startups also need to capture those little moments of chances and convert it into opportunities to get noticed in the main fray.

Having a tough mentor

Most of the startups don’t have a mentor but its important to have the company of an experienced person as mentor who can guide through the crucial points of the Business. Well Sindhu is fortunate enough to have a coach and mentor like Gopichand Pullela.

When you have the advantage over a situation then maximize your aggression.

Startups and entrepreneurs need to analyze the situation and if they are in a zone of comfort or advantage, have to maximize the efforts and earn every single chance to outplay the fellow competitors in the business.  Once Sindhu had an advantage of 1 set in her favor immediately she maximized her aggression and never let the opponent to return back into the game.

Rely on strengths more than worrying about the weaknesses

If you are good at something never do it free of cost, famous line of the joker in the movie ‘The Dark Knight Rises’. Likewise focusing and expanding our strengths is more important to get the good outputs rather than spending a lot of time on analyzing weaknesses. Sindhu was weak over the nets but the undue advantage of being tall she used it to the core to master the smash to her benefit.

Thus these are few things that could be looked up to from the success of Sindhu while wishing her best wishes for the gold medal in final which is yet to be played pretty soon.

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