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Startups launch smart apps to cash in on Indian festival seasons.

Are you growing tired of traveling long hours in the traffic to buy the items necessary for any Indian festival? Are you growing tired of standing in long queues in front of pooja shops to buy the required items for doing pooja? Fret no more! Those days have come to an end thanks to the creative mobile apps launched by some Indian startups. These startups have launched mobile apps from which one can order the necessary items required for doing the pooja according to one’s own religion and family tradition. The ordered pooja items are personally delivered to the customers’ homes. Read Fashion Apps for Diwali Sale.

SaleBhai, an Ahmedabad based startup, has launched an app in which one just needs to select the package which he or she wants for the pooja rather than order each and every item required for the pooja individually. For example there is the Durga Pack for Bengalis who perform the Durga pooja. There is the Amba Ma puja pack for Guajaratis who do pooja to Amba ma. There is also the Karthikai pack for Tamileans who worship Lord Muruga during the auspicious time of Karthikai just to name a few of the features these apps offer. The firm is making special arrangements to deliver these items within three hours of ordering. Another startup called OnlinePrasad. com enables its customers to order prasads from famous temples in India and have it personally delivered to their homes. Read 5 Apps every Bengali should use for Durga Puja.

“It works well and it is a hit in my family. If you are able to get prasad on the most auspicious days, many older people like me who cannot walk or travel to temples are satisfied,” said a customer called Varun Pillai.This company has seen a massive 400% jump in sales this Dussera season. Another firm called allows its customers to book havans online at 3,600 temples across the country. The havans are conducted in a traditional manner and the startup ships the prasads to its customers. 

It is very heartening to see Indian startups launch such creative and useful apps. These apps are revolutionizing the way Indians prepare for and perform poojas. It is especially useful for the senior citizens of India who’s body condition does not permit them to travel to buy pooja items or to visit temples. These apps have greatly reduced the manual effort required on their side to get pooja items or to get prasads from temples so that they can perform poojas or enjoy prasads without too much body strain. The Indian government should recognize and reward such startups for their creative apps and for making the lives of Indian citizens easier. Read Startup News.

Startups launch smart apps to cash in on Indian festival seasons.
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