List of 31 startups blacklisted by IIT from campus recruitment


IIT is sending a strong message about their recruitment policy, targets startups

IIT cannot tolerate startups that cancel or modify job offers given to their students. They have blacklisted 31 startups from this year’s campus recruitment drive.

Below is the list of 31 statups

  • Zomato (whose ban was extended by a year)
  • Hopscotch
  • Grofers
  • Portea Medical
  • GPSK
  • LexInnova Technologies
  • Clicklabs
  • Tenova India Pvt Ltd
  • Verity Knowledge Solutions
  • CashCare Technology
  • Crayon Data India Pvt Ltd
  • LeGarde Burnett Group
  • Holamed
  • Johnson Electric (Japan)
  • Mera Hunar
  • Zettata
  • Tescra Software Pvt Ltd (Rockon)
  • Babajobs
  • Medd
  • Stayzilla
  • Grabhouse
  • Fundamental Education
  • Excellence Tech
  • Roadunnr
  • Nowfloats
  • Indus Insights
  • ConsultLane
  • Zimply
  • Peppertap
  • SmartTrak Solar Systems Pvt Ltd
  • Glow Homes Technologies Pvt Ltd

These startups are banned for a year from hiring talent from IITs all over India. This list was based on startups that cancelled, modified job offers and delayed joining dates.

After one year these startups can participate in the campus placement provided they have to give explanation of why they did not stand by their offers to All-IIT Placement Committee (AIPC).

This is IIT’s step towards sending out a strong message saying “don’t mess with our students”.

There are two sides of a coin.

From IIT point of view: students have taken huge loans and they can only repay, through the jobs they get after graduating. Canceling offers or modifying it  will effect the student and the institutes reputation.

From a startup perspective: Funding is reducing year by year, and they are not able to stick to their promises because of this dynamic market.

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