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Smart Apps: Mind Mapping Tools for Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs have so much on their minds and a ton of things to do daily. Even though most people have a to-do list, it isn’t always enough. Each item on your to-do list has a path that needs to be followed before the end result is achieved. If you have not started using a mindmap creator, you could possibly be missing out. Many successful entrepreneurs know how to create a mind map to help them get stuff done and achieve their goals. Here are some smart mind mapping tools to help you organize your thoughts and your workload.


There are tons of mind mapping apps available, but this definitely one of the best. You can see a lot went into creating this app because of its beautiful design and streamlines features. You will find this mind mapping app easy to use and easily navigated. Mind mapping is a visual activity and thus it is important that the app you use is visually great. You can easily sync, import and export your projects to this tool and organize it in a way that makes sense to you.


You are able to organize and capture any ideas or tips onto this tool while brainstorming with your team. It is so easy to use that you can do this as the meeting goes along. We all have a few notepads we use for various tasks, but with this tool, you are able to take notes, write down strategies and plan projects. It’s kind of like running your project management on one app. There is a drag and drop editor that gives you full control to organize your mind map in the way that help your brain easily recognize each step. Lucidchart is a web based tool which makes it effortless to collaborate with your colleagues on group projects.


There are mind mapping tools and then there is MindJet which cannot be placed in the same category. This is more than a mind mapping tool because of the many features. You can use MindJet as a complete project management as well as a collaboration tool to run your business smoothly. The features are amazing and you are able to assign each step in your mind map to specific individuals. It then becomes very easy to track and trace the project or task. You can easily integrate this tool with any other web-based services you already use.


If an app has been around for a long time without losing credibility, it is usually a good sign. XMind has a reputation of being one of the top mind mapping tools because of the many happy users. Every now and then a new tool comes out, but XMind’s users stay faithful. This tool is flexible and works on any desktop. The cool thing about this tool is that you are able to add images and links to your mind map. This means you are able to immediately see the link between an image and a task. If you are working on a product design, you can add an image of what the product should look like at every step.


There is a reason why mind maps are so popular amongst entrepreneurs. It is very easy to forget an important step on a project, but this way you can easily add new steps or delete completed ones. Always stay on track of your projects and the build up to have it completed by adding mind maps to your toolbox. The ones we included are truly the best out there and should make life a little easier.

Smart Apps: Mind Mapping Tools for Entrepreneurs
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