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Asian CEOs in Silicon Valley condemn Steve Bannons remark

Late on Sunday evening, Donald Trump’s chief strategist, Steve Banon had made an offensive and racialist comment on the number of Asian CEOs working in the Silicon Valley in the U.S. Steve Banon said, “When two-thirds or three-quarters of the CEOs in Silicon Valley are from South Asia or from Asia, I think international students in the US should go back to where they came from”! The first strong reaction to this comment came from Venktesh Shukla, president of TiE Silicon Valley. He said, “The more the rest of the country becomes like Silicon Valley, the better it is for the country. If you want to create jobs, if you want to create prosperity, look at Silicon Valley as a model”. Venktesh Shukla said that tolerance and learning from others are essential to create a successful and diversified economy. He said that Indians were successful throughout the world because Indians have done very well in domains that require hard work and risk – taking. TiE is the top entrepreneur body of Indian Americans in Silicon Valley and the US. Read more on Donald Trump

“The reasons there are so many South Asians in Silicon Valley because it is a meritocracy and quintessential American values of risk taking, hard work and entrepreneurship. Indians have proved to be quite good at it. That’s why they are successful”, Venktesh Shukla said. Venktesh Shukla said that Silicon Valley was important to the US’s economy and prospered because it had the culture and values of tolerance, meritocracy, hard work and innovation. He also added that the US’s economy would be in tethers the moment it discarded these values. “These are the values that need to be uploaded that the US manages to attract the best and brightest from all over the world who come here to make America successful”, Venktesh Shukla said.

The US was a country that was known for its values of tolerance, appreciation, innovation and hard work. These were the values that attracted the best minds from all over the world to study and work in the US, thereby making it the most successful and powerful economy in the world. It is sad to see that the bureaucrats and the citizens of the US no longer cherish these values which made their country prosper in the first place. We have to agree with Venktesh Shukla’s views that the US’s economy would be in tethers if it further discards these values. Innovation is the key to any country’s development. Values like tolerance and appreciation are what brought innovation and thereby development to the Silicon Valley and the US in the first place. The US (both citizens and bureaucrats) should realize this fact and stop making racialist comments if they want their country to continue to prosper. Read more on Startup News

Asian CEOs in Silicon Valley condemn Steve Bannons remark
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