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SEBI introduces regulations to attract Indian households to capital market

SEBI, Securities and Exchange Board of Indian chairman, Mr. Ajay Tyagi in a recent meeting took important decisions to improve the capital market and attract Indian household to invest in it. Till now, SEBI was working on the techniques that would strengthen the capital market only but from now, new schemes will improve the capital market for the betterment of Indian household.


SEBI introduced these regulations with an aim to encourage Indian Household to digitalize their savings and start making investments in mutual funds after the regulations have been officially released.

Let us now look at the motive of SEBI while regulating the new schemes for the Indian households:

  1. The new scheme will allow Indian households to repay the liquid mutual funds worth Rs.50,000/day or 90% of folio value. Whatsoever value will be lower will be considered on priority?
  2. Promotion of digitalization of money in support of Shri Narender Modi, Our Prime Minister to curb Black Money from the country.
  3. Indian Household who yearly make investments in Mutual funds and the value exceeds Rs.50,000.00 can now pay via e-wallet. Under this scheme, repayment of the money would be done only in the account of the user and no one else.
  4. Companies that issue e-wallet will not be liable to give any incentives when the user is making investments in Mutual funds.
  5. In the first scheme, money invested can be utilized in mutual funds as well provided the banks have taken approval from the Reserve Bank of India.
  6. Several options and schemes for commodity derivate markets will be introduced that would benefit both the spot and the derivate markets holding commodity as the main value of the transaction.
  7. The equity brokers and Commodity market brokers would be given unified license.
  8. Monitoring agencies would now submit the monitoring report on a quarterly basis from the earlier half-yearly basis. Time-limit to submit the monitoring report has been maximized to 45 days.

SEBI Chairman is very particular about improving the market reputation. He assured Indian households to take further steps on this matter.

SEBI introduces regulations to attract Indian households to capital market
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