PC gaming gaining interest amidst gamers

89% of respondents believe that PCs provide a better gaming experience than smartphones

According to a study conducted by HP, PC games are becoming more popular among the gaming community in India. According to the HP India Gaming Landscape Report 2021, 89% of respondents believe the gaming experience is better on a PC (personal computer) than on a smartphone. Additionally, 37% of mobile gamers tend to switch to PCs for gaming.

According to the report, this represents a tremendous growth opportunity for the US PC gaming industry. Millennials and Gen Z respondents (70%) Casual and Enthusiast Gamers (75%) were the leaders in favor of moving to PC for games. 94% of Tier 2 city respondents, 88% of Tier 1 and 87% of metropolitan cities prefer PCs to mobile phones for gaming. 

Respondents cited better processing speed, display and sound as the main reason gamers need to move to PC games. Internal storage, better sound effects, more backup batteries, and better thermal performance were another reason to move to PC gaming. 

This survey also looked at user ratings for PC purchases, especially games. Thirty-three percent of participants said they liked the features of the game when making purchasing decisions. Better processing speed (65%) and graphics capabilities (64%) were important considerations consumers should consider when choosing a gaming PC. gamers also expect great graphics, batteries, immersive displays, and thermal innovation in gaming PCs.

Gaming, New Career Option Over 90% of respondents agreed that the gaming industry as a whole is a viable career option, and the game has emerged as a viable job opportunity. 

A rating of occupational choice games showed that 84% of female respondents wanted to pursue games for work, followed by 80% of male respondents, Generation X (91%) and school students (88). It was followed by Tier 2 cities, respondents (84%), were found to be more likely to choose a job in the gaming industry than metro (78%). 

“Women, GenZ, respondents from western India and Tier 2 Town have a high affinity for games as a profession,” the report said. Ketan Patel, Managing Director-HP India Market said: “Games have grown exponentially as consumers spend more time at home and consumers are looking for new ways for entertainment, stress relief and social connectivity. 

In this scenario, PCs ” Patel states that the move from mobile to PC by gamers represents a huge business opportunity for HP. Gaming is the company’s PC portfolio. It is one of the fastest growing areas in the country, and Patel added that this momentum is expected to continue.

Stress Buster

Besides viable career options, the game was a stress reliever for gamers, especially during periods of infection. Over 92% of respondents agreed that the game would reduce stress, evoke positive emotions and at the same time reduce work / research burden. Also, 91% think the game will help promote socialization at the peer level and make new friends. 

Similarly, 91% of respondents believe the game will increase their level of attention and concentration. “Recently, the importance of technology that helps maintain social connectivity and positive mental health has become paramount,” said Vickram Bedi (Personal Systems-HP India Market) Senior Director.   

Games are emerging as a wholesome activity that the whole family can engage and connect with friends and family. PC gaming is now a global phenomenon, and the career opportunities in the industry are immeasurable,” says Bedi. In addition to gaming, respondents also identified other important tasks they run on their PCs as entertainment (54%), photo/video editing (54%) , which emphasized graphic design (48%) and game features.

PC gaming gaining interest amidst gamers
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